by free3wil 22 Jul 2011

and purchase some, as I have my mind set on tea cups/coffee cups and even really cute tea pots. Thanks everyone for all the tips and help you so freely share. I can sit for hours reading old posts and learn a whole lot, just skipping around is fun. I think ours is a craft/art/hobby (whichever it is for you) that you never learn it all! either stabilizer changes, thread changes, something always changes, which is a good thing. We will never get bored, will we?


by jofrog2000 22 Jul 2011

There are some coffee-tea designs here in the free section.

by dlonnahawkins 22 Jul 2011

Go over to Kitty Kitty designs - I think that they are still one sale - Sets for $1. And Terianne's designs stitch out great!

by jenne 22 Jul 2011

One nice cup free

by muflotex 22 Jul 2011

a few more

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granniebea by granniebea 22 Jul 2011

Ta muchly, lovely designs.

by smithandsmith 22 Jul 2011

there are some cute ones here
Hugs Lee

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terriweistra by terriweistra 22 Jul 2011

Thank you the Ants are just too cute for words