by mel08 19 Jul 2011

anyone can recommend a good place to find more. I figure if I start August 1, then I can have a bunch done by Thanksgiving.


by pintuck 20 Jul 2011

Two designs at Criswell

Seven more on this Criswell page=

by sewmom 20 Jul 2011

FSL cross links

by marjialexa Moderator 20 Jul 2011

I was looking at Embroidery Library, and they have so many lovely FSL cross bookmarks! They could be used as ornaments, of course, and then perhaps let Christmas guests pick one to take home, to remind them of the meaning of the season all year? Just a thought, it would be a lot of work and a bit expensive, but a ministry of sorts, I suppose. Hugs, Marji

by olds 20 Jul 2011

I got a free cross recently from
It is FSL and sews out very nicely. H 3.45"X W 2.68.
It says 16 min to sew. Mine took 18 all one color.
Please post if you find others.Thanks Maureen

by jofrog2000 19 Jul 2011

Sadia's says Easter, but you can make the flowers red like poinsettias.
Embroidery Library does great fsl. If you haven't done their snowflakes and icicles you should try them.

by shirlener88 19 Jul 2011

Dainty Stitches, Stich Delight, and Emblibrary all have lots.

by mops Moderator 19 Jul 2011

I digitised and stitched out a number of crosses some time ago and uploaded them in Projects. They were meant to be bookmarks but can easily be hung in a tree. They have some 8000 stitches and sew out quickly. I can't find if or where I uploaded one or more of the designs - I thought I did.

by gerryb 19 Jul 2011

There are at least 3 here on cuties. One is the battenburg lace one. Then Misty Mountain has some as well as Martha Pullen. However you have to be a member of Pullen's IEC club. I also have one from Creswell site. You can take any cross design & sew it on a tulle or organza & use that as an orn. Change the color of the cross & it takes on a different appearance. There are lots of crosses out there if you are willing to put them on the organza. I also have a fsl one from Oregon Patch Works, Jan. 09 if you can find it. Let us know how you're getting along with it!!! Gerry B in TN

by marjialexa Moderator 19 Jul 2011

Wish I could be of more help, but I seem to remember a site that had almost all Christian designs, lots for Communion, vestments, things like that. Don't remember specifically FSL, and don't remember the name, either, but I hope this jogs some Cutie's memory who can tell you. Did you do a Google search? Maybe that would give you some ideas, too. Good luck, at least you are starting early enough, that's more than I ever do! Hugs, Marji