by beeboomer 18 Jul 2011

Maybe people don't realize there is a new alphabet:



by starlizard 18 Jul 2011

I was delighted when the Cute Floral started running. It seems like everyone is in synch and keep voting for the following letters in order. It might be old news for some of you vets, but us newbies to the community are loving it. Let it roll on to the end and then we can start on the newer alphas. I know once we get to the end of it, I'll be watching to see what comes along in the trend.

by danababes 18 Jul 2011

The "older" alpha is new to me as well. I've been voting for the L that us Aussies missed, but the alpha keeps moving forward...perhaps when it's finished we can get the L, and then start the new alpha?

by madrocki 18 Jul 2011

I am relatively new to cuties and I have been voting for the font, looks great

by baydreamer 18 Jul 2011

I have been coming to this site for 2 years now and it's new for me.

by xocheeta 18 Jul 2011

It's not just the Design by Sick people who are voting. Many of us are newer to embroidery than others. It may be old news to some, but it's new to others.

by gerryb 18 Jul 2011

It is an old one. But many don't have it, plus the site Designs by Sick usually control the voting as they work together & all vote for only 1 letter & are "working" on getting this one right now. I will be happy when they "catch up" with all the cuties!! I do go vote for the new A but it's sorta useless.

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 18 Jul 2011

They may belong to DBS, but they are also registered here, or they could not vote!

gerryb by gerryb 18 Jul 2011

I wasn't implying they couldn't vote. I, too, belong to DBC & love the site. Just trying to answer beeboomer's question. I'm sure the new one will start when everyone's caught up. That includes cuties AND DBC folks...which, yes, there is an overlap of them. No problem.

by noah 18 Jul 2011


by quilter124 18 Jul 2011

I have been here for just over a year and to me this is a new alphabet(cute floral), but it will be over soon and then we can all get the new one.....

by queenofhearts 18 Jul 2011

The current alphabet is an old one but it is "new" to newer cuties so please wait patiently until they get the chance to finish the series. Then we can start the pretty new one.

by gerryvb 18 Jul 2011

thank you: voted!

by beeboomer 18 Jul 2011

Here is the link to vote: