by ssarner 21 Apr 2008

Designs in Stitches, just uploaded the W and X in Swirls free.


by sewdoctor 30 Jan 2011


by jmcollins 30 Jan 2011

Thanks so much for these. I have been hunting all over for the word: auntie!! June

by sandralochran 22 Apr 2008

Thank you

by marjialexa Moderator 22 Apr 2008

Wanted to get this back to the top so you all could see it, this is the site Tmbache is talking about. It's GREAT, and an Aussie site. More freebies than you can imagine, and all so unusual, unique, refreshing. Lots of sewing related stuff. Alphabet made from spools of thread, and one from scissors!! Go, go, go, gals! Marji

by mad14kt 22 Apr 2008

GREAT reminder...I forgot ;)

by simplyrosie 22 Apr 2008

Thanks for the info! ;-)

by nurselilly 22 Apr 2008

thanx for reminding me i was waiting for the others :)

by joaniessw 22 Apr 2008

Thanks for the update on those. I have been herre many times and I love it. Highly recomend it *4U ><>

by tmbache 21 Apr 2008

Thank you ever so much ssarner for heading me to this site. If you haven't been GO and take a look at there freebies. 8 or 10 free complete alphabets 1or2 with lower case also.My favorite were the cotton reels,stipple,flower looks like a daisy to me, needle and thread, bobbin, also had some words mom, dad, auntie, grand mom, nana, teacher, and so on, had baby designs for a baby quilt, red work animals. The fonts were totally different than any I had seen before. Again thank you ssarner. Warm hugs and flowers to you.

by dkjack 21 Apr 2008

Thanks for updating us.

by letvia 21 Apr 2008

Thank you so much ssarner. Flower and XoXo