by starlizard 13 Jul 2011

Girls are easy... flowers, kittens, butterflies, unicorns. But, what do you do for little boys?

I just spent the last hour or so going through ALL of the designs I have, and very little of what I have would be suitable for anything for a boy. The closest I found was a set of line-work griffons... maybe the Pegasus designs, but the ones I have are more sophisticated than child like cartoon-ish. I do have a set of vintage farm animals that might fit the 'boy' projects, but that seems to be it.

Just pondering.


by drcindyl 15 Jul 2011

If you don't mind purchasing, try omasplace. I got an airplane and a truck applique that pull a banner behind it and I put the childs name on the banner and it was a huge success at the most recent baby shower we went to.

by fannyfurkin 15 Jul 2011

I think little boys like transport just like their daddy's.

by honeychyle 15 Jul 2011

My Grandson loves anything with Super heros, especially Spiderman!

by claudenicolas 15 Jul 2011

I have many ideas for little boys:they like:
animals, especially horses, monkey,snails.
space, monster,comics, cars, airplanes...
Sure, flowers for little girls are more rewarding for me, but my grandson are very exited to ask and choose a embroidery that they will love. They all ask for their birthday, a T-Shirt with the number of their age, hallowen embroidery, and bathtowel with their name.

by muflotex 15 Jul 2011

difficult to find boyish designs, all things said.
I am trying to talk my DS(13)into dawing some designs, he is not willing YET, I will keep up interesting him in digitizing, summer break is coming up with lots of free time, so perhaps he will do some - who knows teens. ;-)

by starlizard 14 Jul 2011

Wow! I seem to have opened the flood gate with this one. LOL! This is a good thing. Thanks to all who've contributed with ideas and links. Its been so long ago since I've been in the 'boy' mode... and now, my extended family is full of little girls with the exception of 3 darling little boys. I've actually written the list from the suggestions just to keep handy in case I need to come up with something quick.

Today, I'm concentrating on another rag doll... of my own design... embroidery and sewing pattern. I'll post pictures in a day or so.

I'm also battling a sore throat... I rarely get sore throat, its been years; and I haven't had the flu of any type in over 10 years. Now that I've said that, the Fate people might step in and make me humble again.

Thanks again, everyone... you're the best!

by knitty46 14 Jul 2011

I too have problems with this. My grandson is 9 and he isn't into sports or anything. He does play video games. Don't know what to make for him. Star thank you for this question.

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lflanders by lflanders 15 Jul 2011

I have been embroidering for many yrs. I went into it with commercially but after my surgery, I can not depend on myself any longer. I have been in alot of pain for many yrs but have chosen to live in my own home with no help! I am very slow at times...Point being, I have never seen a male child or an adult male that did not like racing cars, motorcycles, cars, and anything to do with sports. My great grands sit in front of the T.V. playing all kinds of games with the Wii. I hear Mario and all the characters in the games over and over again!!! Then of course Sponge Bob and Bob the Builder etc. I have no problems finding ideas for the guys, just mt very very prissy, girly girl great grand that is 7 going on 13! I did a beach bag for her last yr because they were headed to the Florida coast. It was a peach color and I put her name in verigated thread on the front, flip flops all around even the design with them hanging on the clothesline. I added a few seashells and she was in heaven! She has 2 step brothers that also love the Wii games and has all kind of hunting things. It will soon be time to do something for them(4 and 7). The 2 yrs old that would keep me around all of the time if he could loves all of the action figures that are popular now but I think his favorite thing I did was a skunk and added MaMa's Little Stinker and that he is!!! The guys are not usually as hard to please as the girls. My divorced neighbor that is a couple of yrs younger than my son is crazy about Harleys and I have done a couple of designs for him. He has 4 daughters that he has custody of and none of them seem interested in me doing embroidery for them but they sure do mind me fixing a cake or food for them..heehee I fixed him a Sour Cream Pound Cake for Father's Day for the girls to give him. He works for Delta but since the last two have moved in with him, he is going to move about 30 miles further away from the airport so the two youngest can finish high school where they started going in the beginning. He is a great Dad! I am going to miss all of them because they have become just like family. I guess it is about time for another Harley Shirt..

by ansalu 14 Jul 2011

Everything with aliens, monsters, vehicles (cars, ships, planes, rockets, bicycles...), space/ astronauts, pirates, animals (jungle/farm), medival, wizards (nice free retired set at Bunnycup), sayings like "wasn't me" "Don't kiss me - I'm a prince already" and so on; fabrics with stripes dots or stars.

Anna had just pink in her cupboard cause she had such a little hair and all people asked if she is a boy or a girl (even her shoes had this color :o) so we had to start right from the beginning with Felix. Didn't like the stuff in the shops: For the baby-boys they had some nice snoopy-clothes; all the rest was spiderman and cars from the disney-movie :o(.
Greetings, Bettina

noah by noah 14 Jul 2011

Wow hes cute and i love the things you have made him great job!!!carolyn

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 14 Jul 2011

I agree, These are the things I would have suggested too!! :)

muflotex by muflotex 15 Jul 2011

me too, real good boy stuff!

starlizard by starlizard 15 Jul 2011

The Bunnycup site had several really good sets that were boy oriented... the Lil Dumplings for boys is especially cute. Thanks for the suggestion.

by babsie 14 Jul 2011

Try this site, I hope it is still available, all free.
helicopter here

by alfy 14 Jul 2011

I recomend you my blog there is some free desings for boys like a pirate<br />Alfonsina

by debleerl 14 Jul 2011

Little boys are easy. I'll add rockets and robots to the list. The hard thing is what to do for the big boys. So far it's dragons, tigers, deer, cars and motorcycles. Good luck

by noah 14 Jul 2011

wow i just saw the cutest thing for a boy and its only .50 cents It is a wee boy sitting on the sofa reading a book and books beside him ,It is @dollar Stitch under the second headding on the left called embrodery club new ones for july !!carolyn

by mops Moderator 14 Jul 2011

Animals, lizards and dino's; cars, trucks, ships and planes; crayons and so on; sport related designs; aliens and rockets. The list is endless.

by airyfairy 14 Jul 2011

I agree with you. I have twin GC (boy & girl). The little girl is so easy but I really struggle to find things for Ben that are not too babyish. I usually use trains/ cars and he loves dinosaurs and animals. Good luck in your quest.

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starlizard by starlizard 14 Jul 2011

Thanks for the link... I bookmarked the site so I can go back to it later on.

by justonlyme 14 Jul 2011

My son's favorite things when he was growing up were tractors (any kind of heavy machinery), dogs, and keys. I am adding a link to a good site with several decent boy-friendly freebies. There are 8 pages of freebies. Page 2 has a sheriff's badge. Page 1 has paw prints. Good luck.

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starlizard by starlizard 14 Jul 2011

Oops! I responded in the wrong place. Thanks for the link.

by lbrow 13 Jul 2011

Snails, rails & puppy dog tails. My G.G. son is only 3 but I do shirts & shorts for him with puppies, cutsy cars with faces, dinosaurs, balls , tractors, trucks, boys with his hair color(he thinks it's him). Look at some of the clothes in the store & see what they look like/Lillian

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starlizard by starlizard 13 Jul 2011

All good ideas, Lillian. Thanks for responding.

by starlizard 13 Jul 2011

Thanks to everyone who responded. {{{Hugs!}}}

by capoodle 13 Jul 2011

There a several variables as to know what to make for a little guy. His favorite color, if he has a sport he does or likes, what age he is, a favorite TV character (watch out for licenses on some characters and logos)and what you have in mind to make him like a blanket, tote bag, or soft toy. If you can come up with a theme someone here at cute should be able to find you some designs.

by devon 13 Jul 2011

I think bevintex said it all. Thanks bev

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bevintex by bevintex 13 Jul 2011

I have 2 sons. LOL All grown up but these were some of their favorite things

by alexgrandma 13 Jul 2011

ITH crayon holder, ith chalk mat, omas has a sheriff bag and a sheriff star. Monster! Sharks, bag of worms, cars, trucks, trains


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by bevintex 13 Jul 2011

cars,trucks, lizards, bugs,tools,spaceships and aliens,frogs and toads. Anything yucky they love it.

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starlizard by starlizard 13 Jul 2011

Of course... my mind was drawing a blank and I forgot that my only child is a boy... young man of 23 this year. He's actually home on leave from the Army at the moment. His thing was dinosaurs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Power Rangers (there goes the licensing thing). I have a friend with 2 great grand sons... and I was thinking about them when I posted.