by kira 20 Apr 2008

I make this for my fellow she is married for 25 years


by elenu 04 May 2008

This is very beautiful Kira - looks like I have been a long time catching up with this . . but . . . better late than never!

by nini 04 May 2008

Beautiful! Lovely gift! *4 it

by ceramickids 04 May 2008

Love this bride and Groom !! Where did you get the design from?? I would like to put it on a set of towels for a wedding that i am going to in June
Beautiful !!

by clawton 21 Apr 2008

What a nice gift.

by iris2006 21 Apr 2008

Very nice and a good gift for the weddinganiversary.

by simplyrosie 21 Apr 2008

Good job Kira... I have that couple design... nice to see it stiched out well.

by kttyhwk4 20 Apr 2008

Pretty! Great gift for your friend. *4U

by joaniessw 20 Apr 2008

Very pretty. 25 yrs, quite the ackomplishment these days eh?! I'm sure she will love this gift. *4U ><>

by marjialexa Moderator 20 Apr 2008

Beautiful work, and congratulate your friend on a great anniversary, wish her many more! Nice to know that when some people make those vows, they *mean* them! Marji

by lbrow 20 Apr 2008

Very pretty & commendable of your friend. In this day & age u seldom see marriages last this long. I'm sure your friend appreciated this. U did a fine job

by debbierussell 20 Apr 2008

So special! A nice way to remember the years together.Designs are beautiful where did you get each 1 from please?I will be doing a wedding soon.thank you *4u

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kira by kira 21 Apr 2008

send you e-mail address and I gif you the designs

by jrob Moderator 20 Apr 2008

what a beautiful gift for you friend! ;)

by dkjack 20 Apr 2008

Very pretty. A lovely gift for your friend.

by shirlener88 20 Apr 2008

Very nice work. I have the bride & groom, do you know where you got the hands in the circle? *4U