by faerynutt 10 Jul 2011

If I hadn't just ordered several spools of Twisted Tweed from EBAY I would get some. But I really wanted the Tweet Thread and got a really great price for the 5500 yd spools. :)


by bevintex 10 Jul 2011

I also bought the twister tweed on ebay. There is a blue green color i really love. And i found 3 spools of varigated thread that were 5500. So I'm set for thread for awhile.

by bevintex 10 Jul 2011

by bumblebee 10 Jul 2011

Oh yes I took advantage to replenish my stock. It's a great price- they are out of white smoke white- I can never seem to catch the white on sale.

by lindaavolio 10 Jul 2011

Thank you ... I love their thread and so does my BabyLock