by free3wil 06 Jul 2011

rather not line. Let me know what you did with your dollar tree bag.


by free3wil 07 Jul 2011

thanks for your input. I appreciate your time, and thoughts.

by olds 06 Jul 2011

I got a design last Friday of an artist palette with
crayons on it also in primary colors.I had a $ tree
bag on hand. I had picked up a remnant of natural duck cloth and it match the bag perfectly. I stitched the design on it and made a pocket out of it put my niece's name in a curve over the design in green to match the handles of the tote sew it on the back of the bag. It turned out really cute. I did not line the tote. I left enough material to fold over and cover the back side of the design .

by noah 06 Jul 2011

I have done 5 and i never linned the dollar store ones you can ripe two sides out and emb, right on them or sew a applique already done on them hugs carolyn

by bevintex 06 Jul 2011

If it were for myself I might not line it but for a friend or a gift I think a pretty lining would be nice.