by sewfrenzie 04 Jul 2011

I don't have a book for it, so I had to fiddle a bit, but I got it figured out and she works just fine. I'm thinking its a 40's or 50's model. Its an Universal made in Japan with a Singer foor control and a Standard Universal Motor, both made in the USA. Makes me wonder if it originally was a paddle machine updated to electric. I can not find a model number on it to do any research on it for more information. Oh well, I love it!


by snowbird42 05 Jul 2011

well done you i wouldliketo find this on a throw out....soozie

by gramsbear 05 Jul 2011

WOW!!! This is great! You may have found a pricy item, if the right person saw it. Hugs, Judy

by undergroundsue 05 Jul 2011

A lot of the old machines didn't have model numbers, they went by either serial numbers or bobbin types. It is a beauty though.

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sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 05 Jul 2011

I can't find a model number but I did find a number underneath. It might be a serial number. I don't know

by marjialexa Moderator 05 Jul 2011

How beautiful this machine is! I remember my mom having an old one something like this, and she used to sew our clothes on it. So glad you could rescue her! It's a pity, but I think a lot of people don't realize that older things are 'worth' something, not necessarily in money. If it's not the latest and greatest, and they no longer want it, they assume nobody does. My late brother was like that, he used to say, "Why would anybody want my junk?" I used to tell him that perhaps his "junk" was something somebody could never afford, and would be glad to get as a donation or at a yard sale. I can't believe what that boy used to put in garbage bags on the curb, drove me crazy! But then, like most sewists, I'm a hoarder. And these old things have such history, kinda like me, hee hee hee. I'm so glad you get to give her a good home! Hugs, Marji

by ssewemb 05 Jul 2011

wow, what a find. Looks like you have a real little treasure now! Enjoy!!!

by bettytaylor 05 Jul 2011

what a find!!!!!!! it must have been meant for YOU!

by hightechgrammy 05 Jul 2011

Wow! It reminds me of someone discarding an old kitty cat - How could they?!?

I'd be trying to think of a name for her! How about Suzannah since she'll be humming?!? I'll bet others have a good suggestion for her.

by rmj8939 05 Jul 2011

It looksd just like the one my first husband got me in 1960. I do not understand people throwing away things that are still useable.

by jacquipaul 05 Jul 2011

What a wonderful 'find'; you are blessed!

by leenova54 05 Jul 2011

What a beauty, you got lucky and so did it!

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by airyfairy 05 Jul 2011

What a wonderful find. I also have an old Singer machine which I never use but would not dream of throwing it away. Well done.

by loosie 05 Jul 2011

What a great find!

by adavisx3 04 Jul 2011

We have become such a throw away society. Whoever threw it away had no idea what they had. Their loss is your gain and I'm glad you were able to save it from the dump.

by mi30kaja 04 Jul 2011

Looks just like my old Singer which I will not throw away but never use.

by klomond 04 Jul 2011

I have a foot paddle sewing machine that was purchased by my best friends mother-in-law in 1917, its still in the sewing cabinet and I have the book, and all the attachments. the only thing is my hubby lost the little bobbins, they look like bullets. Its a t.Eaton company machine...

by mysugarfootswife 04 Jul 2011

that oval gold plate looks a lot like a Singer logo.
Did you google it?

by almag 04 Jul 2011

It's a little beauty!! I wonder what stories it has to tell.

by fannyfurkin 04 Jul 2011

Wow!!! that is gorgeous. what a great find.

by shirlener88 04 Jul 2011

Have fun.

by beatie58 04 Jul 2011

Great find! Hugs Sally

by capoodle 04 Jul 2011

A neat little treasure you happened on. Have fun figuring out all that it can do.

by sdrise 04 Jul 2011

A treasure You just can not kill those machines. They sew great. Can't figure out why someone would throw it out instead of donating it to someone who does not have a machine and could use it. I know Nancy Zemen has a link on her site where to send machines . they donate them to woman who have nothing so they can have a living sewing. Suzanne

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 04 Jul 2011

There where 3 other machines there. One did not have a cord, and another did not owork, its cord would not work for the one without. The third I donated to a local thrift store that helps the local womans crisis center to sell. I've done this a few times. But this one is my baby.

sdrise by sdrise 05 Jul 2011

great Job!

by rachap 04 Jul 2011

This is such a pretty machine. If you go to the Quilting Board and type vintage machines in the search box you may find out more about it. You may have to join or sign up but it is free and very interesting.

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 04 Jul 2011

Thank you

bettytaylor by bettytaylor 05 Jul 2011

thank you, got lost on this site, stayed over an hour. fascinating. i am also a quilter. betty

by noah 04 Jul 2011

nice find!!carolyn

by bevintex 04 Jul 2011

Where did you find this? Did someone set it out on the curb? Their loss is your gain, it's a beautiful machine

by babie 04 Jul 2011

Wow - beautiful.

by stitchship 04 Jul 2011

It is Beautiful! I have looked at several in Antique Stores (out of curiosity), but they charge a mint! Enjoy it!

by lulu07 04 Jul 2011

WOW, Lucky you!!! Some of these machines are worth quite a bit, take it to your sewing machine dealer, he can let you know...terrific find, congrats!!

by bowlds 04 Jul 2011

Some people have no sense of nostalgia. I guess we can't save everything...even if we'd like to...or like some of us...try to!

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meganne by meganne 05 Jul 2011

I do my best to save vintage articles that's why we needed a bigger house. :-)

My Son calls it Hoarding, I call it Collecting, Hubby calls it Saving for a rainy day. LOLOLOL!!!!!
But I do seem to have trouble saying "No" to anything as old as me, sometimes even older. hahahahahaha

by elizabethak 04 Jul 2011

These old machines are collector's items. I can't understand people. We really are in a "throwaway" era. From nappies, to dishcloths, no wonder there are so many "throwaway" husbands!!

by saamore 04 Jul 2011

wow, what a find. looks like the machine is right were it should be.enjoy!!!

by meganne 04 Jul 2011

Good onyer! You might like to check out the link below.
Enjoy :-)

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sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 04 Jul 2011

Thats it!! :)

by sewfrenzie 04 Jul 2011

Love the iron work and gold paint decorations on it.

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 04 Jul 2011

wow, it's beautiful, good for you!
hugs Lee

shirlener88 by shirlener88 04 Jul 2011

Great find.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 04 Jul 2011

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh looks like the first machine I used.

starlizard by starlizard 04 Jul 2011

My momma sewed me many dresses when I was little on a machine that looked just like that. Its beautiful!

sewmom by sewmom 04 Jul 2011


hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 05 Jul 2011

These machines made the best gathering stitches of all! She's beautiful!

jlm5419 by jlm5419 05 Jul 2011

That looks like a "clone" of a Singer model 15. Chances are, if you could locate a manual for the Singer 15, it would give you enough information to oil, thread, etc.

sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 05 Jul 2011

While looking on line I found several references to clone and Singer 15-90. They look like this machine. Most I've ssen on e-bay are in really rough shape, so I did find a treasure!