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by starlizard 03 Jul 2011

My project for this weekend was to make a rag doll for my step-daughter's little girl... who turns 1 year old tomorrow.

Almost every single bit of the fabric was scrap.... however, her hair was a fleece scarf I’d picked up at the Dollar Giant store a couple of years ago. I buy the cheap fleece scarves for just this sort of thing. I used a pastel variegated thread for the inside part of the heart... and I did do it as though it was an applique... so the dark pink is fabric and not embroidery. The denim was already embroidered... I bought it that way.

I don't know where I got the heart design... some of you may know where it comes from. I certain it was a freebie, though. The face design, I got from Secrets of Embroidery several years ago.

Thank goodness I had a LARGE bag of poly-fill here. LOL! It took a lot of fill for her head.

I had scoured the arts and crafts sites looking for a rag doll pattern yesterday. That was an exercise in frustration. I finally found one that sort of looked like what I had in mind. What I ended up doing my own thing with a little bit of inspiration from the pattern I found. This was a learning curve... it carried a hefty lesson that was tough to get through. By the time I sewed the last stitch a while ago, I felt like I'd fought a battle all weekend long.



by deegee 06 Jul 2011

You have done a really great job. The end result must be well worth all the hassle you went through. Bet the little one just loves it.

by airyfairy 06 Jul 2011

Liz, she is beautiful and I am sure she will be greatly loved and cherished. Sarah.

by starlizard 05 Jul 2011

Thanks to everyone that commented. I said that I wasn't done with rag doll making, but was going to put it on the back burner for a while... guess how I spent my morning? Yep, creating my own rag doll design. What I ended up with is more baby-ish... but on paper, is quite a bit bigger than Ol' Blue (what I named the above doll). The grandbaby is only a year old and I know she's not going to know a name for it, but I think I'm going to endorse "Obee" as a name. Aside from creating the doll body, this morning, I also worked on my own face design. While the bought rag doll face is cute and so forth, I really want to make the next one of my own design through and through. Hope everyone is having a great week. Its hot in southern Ontario, but at least the humidity is low. Liz

by tippi 04 Jul 2011

Great present for a little girl. Love your doll.

by shirlener88 04 Jul 2011

Liz, this is really unique and I am sure your step-grand daughter will love it.

by rmj8939 04 Jul 2011

Lovely project.

by babie 04 Jul 2011


by starlizard 03 Jul 2011

Thanks everyone...

I'm not done with rag doll making, yet. I will probably start designing my own pattern. This doll ended up being about 16" tall. I may try to stretch it a bit and make my design 20". But, I'm going to put the rag doll making on the back burner for a little while... I've got a couple of other things I need to get to.

Thanks again.

by capoodle 03 Jul 2011

Whatever you went through it is grand for your granddaughter. Liked how you did the hair so she can't pull it out. The same with her face details so nothing is loose to go into a mouth.

by noah 03 Jul 2011

poor you but just watch she will loveeeeeee it then you will feel better hugs carolyn

by pldc 03 Jul 2011

it was well worth it & I bet your granddaughter just adores it! What a good gramma you are!

by oaro 03 Jul 2011

you did a nice job