by ssampsel 30 Jun 2011

What a shock!! i dl the yankee doodle dandy & sweetheart freebies from daffydowndilly a long time ago to use for july 4th shirts for the grandbabies.sweetheart is not the one pictured!! haha on me


by ssampsel 01 Jul 2011

used the font on my machine & a heart design that stitched red, white & blue. the little stinkers looked too cute when they went to pre-school this morning..but thank you ddd for the wonderful design, i LOVE it!

by caroldann 30 Jun 2011

But just think of the valuable lesson you have learned! Always, always check you downloads before you shut down and rememember to back up. Sorry, but hopefully you found something else to use for your grandbabies. Carol

by ramona 30 Jun 2011

Too funny! Sounds like something I would do. hehehe