by softhearted1 29 Jun 2011

Made another wristband wallet tonight. Took pictures as I went. Looking for an easy program to use to make it into a pdf file. Any ideas? Thanks, Charlotte


by softhearted1 01 Jul 2011

Thanks for all the help everyone. I knew the cuties would come through! Working with cute PDF and trying to figure out how to attempt a tutorial. Thanks, Charlotte

by grossfamilie 01 Jul 2011

I use a software called PDF creator and I am so happy with it. Just choose the printer PDF creator instead of HP720...
and on it goes. I file important e-mails as well as payment
receipts and other items. Saves a lot of paper, a lot of
ink and is also useful if you have e-mail correspondence.
I like to have this because we have five children and there
is so much bureaucracy and, of course, there are many other

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grossfamilie by grossfamilie 01 Jul 2011;v=3600&s=e24414d0480ae764687424caa9033cb6

by iris2006 01 Jul 2011

Thank you, I just installed the free version of Cute PDF and it is working so quick and easy. Very usefull.

by faerynutt 01 Jul 2011

I use Print Freindly & PDF, it's easy to use and free, you just clink on a button and it creates a PDF of any page you are on and you can edit out anything you don't want right there. Then you can either save it in a folder or print it out right then.

by adavisx3 30 Jun 2011

use Cute PDF also. It is so easy to use. It is my default printer as I use it for so many things. I even "print" payment confirmation for all my online bill payments using Cute PDF. That way I have eliminated the paper to file and have not needed anyone to cut down another tree. I guess you could say I have gone green.

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spendlove by spendlove 01 Jul 2011

Well done!

by justonlyme 30 Jun 2011

My favorite has been PDF Complete and PDF Creator. Both of them are great, because you can create a PDF just by hitting the print button instead of having to go through and save each page. They are both free.

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by buffeebabee 30 Jun 2011

I use Primo. I do the pdfs to download to my golf website and it works great. Nanc <br />

by spendlove Moderator 30 Jun 2011

I use the free Cute PDF - the only thing to remember is that you open the print command to save as PDF as Meganne says.

by pcteddyb 30 Jun 2011

I, too, use CutePDF. I got it from in their download section. They test everything for viruses and I feel safe downloading from there. I used it on my Vista machine and now on my Windows 7 machine without issues.

by muflotex 30 Jun 2011

Charlotte,<br />mine is called PDF Creator, searchengine will help with a free DW in your country. Works fine for me. You chose it as a printer afer you have installed and then after "print" the pdf will open.

by meganne 30 Jun 2011

I have a program I use that creates PDF files and I am very pleased with it. It is set up as though you are going to send the document to your printer, but you choose DeskPDF and then save it to a folder.

It comes from Docudesk and is called DeskPDF. I purchased the standard version for about $20 and it is well worth it for my needs.
I just checked and even the professional version is only $29.95. I might upgrade.

hugs and roses, Meganne

mops by mops 30 Jun 2011

After seeing the price for the pro version I had a look, both at mine and your sw. Mine is free, but the peo version costs $49.95. When I need more I'll get for yours! Thank you.

mops by mops 30 Jun 2011

Boy, I can't spell! peo=pro and I'll either get yours or go for yours.

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by mops Moderator 30 Jun 2011

I use a free program called CutePDF. You make up your document with pictures etc in Word, then convert it with CutePDF. You can't alter the pdf file, you have to make corrections in the Word file, so keep both. I use it for all tutorials I make.

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mops by mops 30 Jun 2011

Same with mine as the others: send the document to the printer, choose CutePDF and save it to a folder.

by pennifold 29 Jun 2011

I'd try Google to see what programmes are available Charlotte. They have lots on there. Love and blessings Chris