by sand 16 Apr 2008

You can make all kinds of homemade fabric with this Sandwich technique. I used tyl (tulle according to the dictionary) put on bits of embroidery threads, ribbon and some lace butterflies. Covered with watersoluble material and quilted it. It can be made with yarn as well. I am planning on using my fabric in the corner of a one-color quilt in yellow.


by sandralochran 21 Apr 2008

It is beautiful Thank you for the info

by celticlady1031 21 Apr 2008

This is beautiful. I do something similar. I use a layer of kitchen wrap and add paint. Another layer of wrap and thread scraps and yarn. Another layer wrap and glitter and crayon. Place newspaper on top and iron. The pieces can be cut into any shape and sewn onto fabric backing. I made a beautiful jacket in college. Great work Sand.

by simplyrosie 21 Apr 2008

This is funky and odd! I can't wait to see what's done with it. ;-)

by nglover1 21 Apr 2008

I have done this and can really come up with. unusual fabric. This is beautiful. . A flower for you.

by zedna 21 Apr 2008

I used this technique to save some dog hair my daughter wanted to keep, used similar coloured thread to the hair which was black and white. Then she framed it with a picture of the dog. Everyone admires it.

Love yours too.

by kezza2sew 21 Apr 2008

This is a great way to use those left over threads when embroiderying, I have been collecting mine for about 5 years now, they all add up and ONE DAY I to plan on using them in the same way... Yes I have a pattern also somewhere here. Look forward to seeing the quilt one day also.

by dkjack 17 Apr 2008

Very pretty!

by kttyhwk4 17 Apr 2008


by sand 17 Apr 2008

Flowers for all of you, and thank you for your nice comments. You got to try, it is fun. You could make a smaller piece directly on a scarf or something, that looks nice too. And then you dont need the tulle.

by sufferingsonje 17 Apr 2008

Nice work. Glad to see someone has got around to doing this. I have almost a box full of thread ends. One day I'll get there. Flower for you.

by iris2006 17 Apr 2008

I think I save my threadend too for a project. Good idea. *4U

by mops Moderator 17 Apr 2008

This looks really interesting. Like to see it in the finished quilt. Flower for you.

by lbrow 17 Apr 2008

Nice a* $U for your ingenuity

by tmbache 16 Apr 2008

Very nice, I also have been saving my thread snips. Have a pattern for making turkey coaster and the tail feathers are done in thread snips !! Somehow!! Must dig it up and try sometime with next 50 years or so. Flower for you inspiration.

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lbrow by lbrow 17 Apr 2008

The same thought occurred to me tmbache I have the same pattern somewhere. Post when you get it made & I'll try to find mine also.

by jrob Moderator 16 Apr 2008


by shirlener88 16 Apr 2008

sand, I can't wait to see the finished projet - this is lovely but I know when it is done - it will be special. *4U

by joaniessw 16 Apr 2008

Thank you for sharing this. I have started to save my threads when I got my lovely shiny rayons. I have an embroidery design (somewhere, ooops) that uses such technique. Can hardly wait to try it out. *4U

joaniessw by joaniessw 16 Apr 2008

excuse me, what is "TOVE" mean?

sand by sand 20 Apr 2008

It is the name of my youngest daughter. She loves yellow, butterflies and all pretty things. And she is going to have this on a yellow one-colour quilt.

by dlonnahawkins 16 Apr 2008

I have seen this done, and thought it was very neat - sure have not tired it. I had a woman from a sewing guild that asked us to keep all of our thread ends, and pieces for her, and she was doing this.

by nini 16 Apr 2008

Interesting idea! I've never seen something like this! Thanks for sharing!