by shazells 27 Jun 2011

My daughter is finaly getting married and for one of the things I want to make I am desperately looking for a FSL Greyhound and also a stitched Greyhound I sure hope someone out there can help me Thanks in advance Hugs Shazells


by shazells 28 Jun 2011

Thank You everyone for your Quick and helpfull response hugs Shazells

by airyfairy 28 Jun 2011

Congratulations to your daughter and I see that you have loads of help finding designs.

by powagrl 27 Jun 2011

FSL Greyhound

by alexes5 27 Jun 2011

I know that has dogs I am sure they have your breed if not the fsl try writing her she has wonderful designs. hope this helps

by meganne 27 Jun 2011

You already have help Shaz, so I'll just give roses to all. :-))
hugs, Meganne

by justonlyme 27 Jun 2011

There is a silhouette of a greyhound on the Stitchery Mall site, main page.

by stitchship 27 Jun 2011

These are the ones I found. I hope you find what you need. AND congratulations for your daughter's wedding. I hope they are really happy.

by babie 27 Jun 2011

Not sure if this is what you are looking for: and

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by pennifold 27 Jun 2011

Hi Shaz,

GREYSEWIST (Marianne) should know of some as she absolutely adores them.

I love the ones on Advanced Embroidery Designs. Here are some more. Love and blessings Chris

pennifold by pennifold 27 Jun 2011;ddsearchid=Stock%20Designs