by lawmedassistant 26 Jun 2011

Well here is my example of the tissue box cover. It didn't come out quite as well as I would have liked but now I know what I need to do to make it just right. :)

My daughter is a portrait studio manager, and today was her birthday so I made it for her and she loved it. She just can't decide whether to leave it at home or take it to work - I told her work so that she could try and get me some orders.

Back to the drawing board - hope you all like it.


by bumblebee 15 Oct 2012

Nicely done

by means 15 Oct 2012

This is just too,too,tooo cute.

by greytgirl 09 Oct 2012

What a clever idea for a tissue box cover!

by loosie 09 Oct 2012

Oh my I thought it was the real deal, another fun idea :)

by blueeyedblonde 08 Oct 2012

Haven't seen one like this - love it!

by noah 08 Oct 2012

Well its still awesome!!! I rounded my arms on my couch seemed easier I use the top of it for my needles

by pcochran525 08 Oct 2012

Turned out very well. I googled tissue box covers on the net and found one by Jen Marie.

by dani58 26 Jun 2011

very nice!!!

by oaro 26 Jun 2011

very nice job

by tippi 26 Jun 2011

Beautiful job

by devon 26 Jun 2011

great job

by noah 26 Jun 2011

Wow my old one looks shabby now i see this lovely one !!Excellent job !!carolyn

by sboo 26 Jun 2011

Very Nice

by 02kar Moderator 26 Jun 2011

Very cute. I haven't seen one like that before. Best wishes for orders for the covers.

by modo 26 Jun 2011


by shirlener88 26 Jun 2011

This is very nice work - I am sure with any pattern - the more you make it - the better it looks.

by rmj8939 26 Jun 2011

very cute, I like it.

by airyfairy 26 Jun 2011

I think this is great. If it were not for the tissue peeping out it looks like a real couch. Well done.

by capoodle 26 Jun 2011

Think it came out just fine. If you have any business cards you could send with your daughter to leave on top of the cover could help you get some orders.

by littleklothz 26 Jun 2011

I love this. Where can I get a pattern to make one too?

lawmedassistant by lawmedassistant 26 Jun 2011

I actually bought the pattern at JoAnns, it has pattern for the tall box, flower and teapot. I am going to re-do the pattern to see if I can make it a little bit easier. Seems like I am always re-doing a pattern of something. lol

The pattern is Simplicity 2928. But after I re-do the pattern I will gladly share measurements and diagrams.

littleklothz by littleklothz 26 Jun 2011

Thank you for the info. That would be great.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 26 Jun 2011

Yes, please!

lawmedassistant by lawmedassistant 28 Jun 2011

Still working on directions/pictures. Babysat my grandsons yesterday and forgot my stuffing so I couldn't get it finished. Hopefully I can today and post everything tonight - I'll keep you all posted.