by hefoltis 16 Apr 2008

My mother is 94 and uses a wheelchair. When we would go shopping she had to hold everything on her lap. I decided to make something we could put our purchases in. I used a striped canvas material to make the bag. I added snaps to the straps on each side so we could snap the bag on to the handles. I had a lot of practice designs I didn't know what to do with. I cut them out and sewed them on to the bag on each side before sewing the bag together. We have had a lot of compliments on it and I would like to share it with others. They could also use this idea to make carryalls with long straps that could be used as shoulder straps. Helene Foltis


by tmbache 16 Apr 2008

What a wonderful idea.It is very beautiful as well as useful.I know a couple of people that could use one.Mind if I borrow your idea? Warm hugs and flowers for the idea.

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hefoltis by hefoltis 17 Apr 2008

It makes me so happy to know that you not only like my project but also want to use my idea. If you like I can measure the pieces I used and send the measurements and some instructions to you. Hugs, Helene

by jrob Moderator 16 Apr 2008

Helene, what a wonderful way to use your extra sew outs and to make something so very useful! You are not only talented, but clever!;)

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hefoltis by hefoltis 17 Apr 2008

Thank you for your reply. Helene

by shirlener88 16 Apr 2008

Helene, this is wonderful - thanks for sharing it. *4U Shirlene

by dlonnahawkins 16 Apr 2008

Good for you, and using your sample designs for decordation! I have seen somthing similar to this for walkers. Bet your mother loves it.

by roxsy 16 Apr 2008

It is very striking.Quite clever way to make use of your different trial designs.Flower for you.

by nini 16 Apr 2008

Great idea! And a thoughtfull present! I'm sure your mother is proud of your beautiful work! flower for it!

by joaniessw 16 Apr 2008

Great idea to put things in. Also love the way you used up your practice designs. *4U

by iris2006 16 Apr 2008

What a great idea and very handy. *4U

by simplyrosie 16 Apr 2008

What a great idea! Nice job!

by kkcogle 16 Apr 2008

good idea! this looks like it will sure hold even more than a "lap" full! A+

by meganne 16 Apr 2008

XLNT idea and very helpful of you. roses 4U, M

by kttyhwk4 16 Apr 2008

Wonderful idea, have seen bags on walkers but never thought about bags on wheelchairs. A flower for you

by mops Moderator 16 Apr 2008

Looks very pretty. I had to push my father around the last 9 months while he was recovering from a severe illness, he's 95, and going shopping meant pushing him and carrying most of the shopping. I thought of making a bag, but somehow never got it done. He's on his feet again, but I'll keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing. Flower for you.