by starlizard 24 Jun 2011

This started out as a dingbat font character from a set called 'DaOth.' (yes, that's the what the ding set is called) I frequently use dings as digitizing fodder. I have digitized my own drawings, but the dings are quick and don't require the use of a scanner.

I welcome comments and critiques.



by shirlener88 25 Jun 2011

Would love to see it stitched out.

by teun 25 Jun 2011

Sehr schön

by oaro 24 Jun 2011

you did a great job

by ramona 24 Jun 2011

Looks like you did a great job to me! Thanks for sharing

by faerynutt 24 Jun 2011

Very nice, it almost looks like a pencil sketch.

by starlizard 24 Jun 2011

Thanks for the comments. I've been doing more experimental digitizing than embroidery these days. Silly me, right? Maybe I'll ambitious this evening and try stitching it out.

by mops Moderator 24 Jun 2011

Looks very nice.

by capoodle 24 Jun 2011

Turned out just fine using what you have on your computer. Good design.

by noah 24 Jun 2011

Well i think i need a ding or was it ding a ling thing???hugs carolyn

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starlizard by starlizard 24 Jun 2011

You'd be surprised at what you already have on your computer, Carolyn. This particular ding font doesn't come standard, but it can be downloaded for free.

by starlizard 24 Jun 2011

I forgot all about the details:
Its 4.49" x 5.47" in dimension
There are 18100 stitches and 5 color changes.

by pldc 24 Jun 2011

i think it's a very good design are you offering it anywhere? I could use one of these too!

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starlizard by starlizard 24 Jun 2011

At the moment, its only in the Singer Futura format(.FHE). I can save it in other formats, but it would be limited to .HUS, .PES, .JEF, and a couple of others. I'd be more than happy to offer it as a freebie, but I can't guarantee how it will stitch out.