by faerynutt 23 Jun 2011

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From Glenna: If you live in an area of high humidity, you may have trouble with your water-soluble stabilizer. Go to your local pharmacy and ask them for the paper or plastic desiccant packages (they use them to keep moisture out of medication bottles and just throw them away). Then store your water-soluble stabilizer in a Ziploc bag with a few of these desiccant packages thrown in, it will keep your stabilizer "Fresh".



by faerynutt 24 Jun 2011

I emailed Embroidery Library and they sent me my voucher code so I can shop!! I've been wanting the Iris & Lily of the Valley Flower of the month for awhile now.

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bevintex by bevintex 24 Jun 2011

they are great with answering questions and helping

by clawton 24 Jun 2011

Congratulations! You should get an email with a special code to use when placing an order. I had two a while back. One email was receive before the posting and the other the same day of the posting.. However, you should have gotten it before or the day of the posting of the tip.

by pldc 23 Jun 2011


by sewfrenzie 23 Jun 2011

Congrats to another cutie!!

by beatie58 23 Jun 2011

Great tip, congratulations! cuties are certainly on a role with the tips...Hugs Sally

by ramona 23 Jun 2011

Cuties are on a roll with tips!! Congratulations are in order! Great tip

by noah 23 Jun 2011

Way to go!!!carolyn

by blueeyedblonde 23 Jun 2011

Congrats! Enjoy your coupon.

by katydid 23 Jun 2011

great idea!!1 I think they come in shoe boxes when You buy a new pair of shoes.

by capoodle 23 Jun 2011

Great tip. Congratulations! Have been told that the crystals in these packets can be easily reactivated in an microwave when they have absorbed moisture. Don't known how this works or how long to microwave to remove the moisture. If any cuties have information on how to dry out these packets let us know.

by claudenicolas 23 Jun 2011

Congratulation, this tip is very useful

by jacquipaul 23 Jun 2011

Congratulations; here in the hazy, hot and humid South, I'm sure to use your suggestion!

by shirlener88 23 Jun 2011

Congratulations Glenna, I saw this and wondered it this was a CUTE family member - they send you an email to the email address that you submitted - check your spam folder or contact them & enjoy your voucher - when you receive it - and submit more tips.

faerynutt by faerynutt 23 Jun 2011

I never received an email I was checking the tip of the day that another CUTIE got published and there was my tip staring me in the face. I've checked my SPAM file and nothing, I guess it's possible I may have typed in my email wrong, so I'll have to contact them and see if I can get my voucher info. Thanks everyone!!!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 23 Jun 2011

good luck dear.

by rwalden 23 Jun 2011

What a great tip. Congratulations!

by 02kar Moderator 23 Jun 2011

Great idea and thanks for sharing. Congrats to you.

Enjoy choosing your designs. In your email telling you, you had the tip of the day, there should have been a gift certificate number to use. When you choose your designs, you type in the gift certificate numbers and letters where it says coupon or gift certificate and the amount is deducted from your bill. If you deleted your email, check your Recycle bin. It might still be there.

by stitchship 23 Jun 2011

Congratulations! And that is a very good idea. Thank you so much! Enjoy your voucher.