by gayle950 22 Jun 2011

First off, Let me say a HUGE thank you to those who have purchased the 71 designs, or helped in any other way including the kind people who donated over 470 dollars so far.

My name is Steven, and I am trying to help Connie and Bart (mom and dad) with the website as dad is no longer able to do anything on the website due to his hands (Botched Carpol Tunnel).

There have been over 4700 people that downloaded the 71 free designs listed here to help with the funeral expenses. However, only 170 people actually purchased them. This is a shame...and large shame..

Mom and dad need help here, and they are not going to say a I am. Please forgive me if I get angry, but this is down right shameful for a lot of people.

Mom and Dad have always been there for everyone needing help. If they could help, they did. They have driven over three states before to bring food to a family in need, and even donated for those others in this exact situation.

They freely give designs all the time to those in this group, and this is so everyone can enjoy this business.,

I am once again asking to those who downloaded and did not is only $3.00 and if everyone who downloaded gave freely the small $3.00 they would have all the money they need for my nana's funeral.

Once again, the URL for the 71 designs is:

This is the only email I am going to send, and I am probibally going to get in trouble with mom and dad for saying anything, but, I felt someone needed to say something.


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by leenova54 03 Jul 2011

I made a promise to donate $10 at the end of the month and that slipped by me so I donated $13 today because I noticed I had $3 sitting in the account anyway.

by anangel 24 Jun 2011

When asking for HELP by purchasing 71 designs for $3, WHY put up a button to download them for FREE???
Just a "Purchase" button would eliminate the lamblasting of those who chose to download with NO donation! Charitable giving is a "free choice"! While I did not chose to donate, neither did I dl the designs. No one has a more caring heart, than I, and a willingness to help at any occasion possible. With today's economy, there are many to whom $3 may mean surviving the day. I feel blessed to not be one of those, and I pray for the Lord to provide the needs for those less fortunate.
If a friend and I passed a table of a flower vendor with a sign saying "Take a flower; $3 Donation appreciated! Prayers welcomed!" My friend and I both took a flower, only one paid. Who is to say that the "prayer" for the free flower is less beneficial to the vendor than the $3!! (My point being: the designs were there for the taking, because Dollarstitch put them there as a free download, not just a "purchase"! I find it a bit ridiculous to shame and scandalize those who did not CHOOSE to donate, yet downloaded! Perhaps, they said a prayer??!!!
There are many who thrive financially via the internet with tales of woe that are false. Others have very legitimate needs, and my heart goes out to them, as well as any monies I can offer. This is not the first time Dollarstitch has used this avenue (referring to family plight) to seek donations. Not saying the family issues are not factual, but just pointing out that many of us would have to struggle to pay off indebtedness cause by funeral expenses of a loved one, self included. So, I find it repugnant to cry shame when asking for donations!
As to "Steven's" email, I feel there's a strong possibility it was written, edited, proofed and sent by "Mom". This is just my opinion! If I am wrong, I apologize, and whether I am right or wrong, I wish for Connie, Bart, and Steven the Lord's blessings to supply their needs, but, not through shaming others.

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anangel by anangel 26 Jun 2011

For the reason above, I DISagree with Meganne's tongue lashing and shaming of others for downloading where a button could download the designs for free! And, Meganne, as to your getting "so damn angry", when someone asks for designs for free, no one is putting a gun to your head demanding anything! Everyone has the right to say, "NO" to ANY request, so why allow anyone's request to trigger such an emotion as anger! So futile!

by poletticel 24 Jun 2011

Here in France, nobody help you when one member in your family passed away, but our system is very different and we usually have insurance for funeral...
I'm agree with Stevens and Meganne, 3 dollars, it's peanuts : so I paid and then download designs. Shame on all who download without paying !! Hugs and love, Céline from France

by viki 23 Jun 2011

just helped out as well will prob never use but for 3.00 it is the least i could do i know how it is had to pay for my brothers funeral 3 years ago it was rough comming up with

by mranderson 23 Jun 2011

I have just done my bit as promised yesterday. Marg

by obaachan 23 Jun 2011


by patsy28 23 Jun 2011

I appreciate the e-mail. I have not downloaded or donated but I will make it a point to. I had no idea about either one until today. In defense of those who did not donate, I would like to say that there are so many scams now that they may have been leary to donate. I wish we could trust everyone but everyone is not trustworthy. Thanks for letting us know about their need.

by ansalu 23 Jun 2011

I agree with you Meganne. Also donated and dl the designs (no matter if I will use them or not).
Did anybody know their mailadress for paypal so we can donate another amount to them? Hope that paypal doesn't take their regular fees for this transaction cause this will minimize the result they remain.
Greetings, Bettina

crafter2243 by crafter2243 24 Jun 2011

I asked the same thing since I already own a membership and received the following answer.

You can go to your PAypal account, and just send it to

ansalu by ansalu 24 Jun 2011

A customer told me that this costs less fees than the way through a shop-system (don't know if that's correct).
Hope some persons have a guilty conscience and donate a lottle more... (I know I'm a dreamer).
Greetings, Bettina

by obaachan 23 Jun 2011

I paid for them and then downloaded them... didn't know it could be done any other way.... So sorry to hear that some could be soooo greedy....8-(

by capoodle 23 Jun 2011

Thoughts and Prayers for this family. My DH's parents passed away about six and a half months apart his dad in November last year and his mom in May and the funerals were very expensive. Whoever downloaded the designs offered I hope they do the right thing and donate.

by read180 23 Jun 2011

I have not been on for a few weeks so I am unaware of this posting. I would never think of downloading something for nothing.
Cindy B

by faerynutt 23 Jun 2011

Just paid for and downloaded the designs, hope it helps. I lost my mother a little over two years ago with no money for the funeral she wanted. I still feel guilty to this day as I had to have her creamated (something she hated the thought of) becuase I had been out of work and in debt for quite awhile. And had been caring for her for quite some time. I simply couldn't give her a burial type of funeral she wanted, or even a funeral at all. :(

I'm so sorry for you mom's loss, is there an address we can send an angel to?

by kttyhwk4 23 Jun 2011

Meg I totally agree with you so thanks for the tongue lashing to those that are deserving. So sad when people are always ready to help themselves rather than others. Guess they don't know that by helping others it will come back to them ten fold.

by julia47 23 Jun 2011

I have no problem donating but one question is was there anything inthe first place asking for help instead of giving away? Things are tight all over so all you have to do it say HELP and I am sure people would do it.

by edithfarminer 23 Jun 2011

Meganne, you are right to tell people off well and good. These were donated to pay for her moms funeral and than to take and not pay is just not on. shame on you who has done so.

by workbecky 23 Jun 2011

I clicked on the pay now and did not see a place to changed the amount. Is there another way to send more or should I just "buy" the designs 3 times?

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 24 Jun 2011

You can go to your PAypal account, and just send it to

by dlmds 23 Jun 2011

Thank you for letting me know about this. I e-mailed Steven to ask if I could send funds other then Pay Pal. I had problems with them in the past. H&*

by mehhouse 23 Jun 2011

This is the first I've heard of any of this. What happened to Connie's family? Funeral expenses?


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meganne by meganne 23 Jun 2011

Connie's Mum passed away and sadly, she had not made any plans and I had no insurance.

by leenova54 23 Jun 2011

I went and paid the other day as soon as I heard about this. Shame on people who can't give $3, at the end of the month I think I will just go and donate $10 to help them. You can give more, $3 isn't set in stone.

by loosie 23 Jun 2011

I was just there, and for some reason pay pal was giving me troubles, I have yet to give you your donation too. I have to see what pay pal is doing :(

by saamore 23 Jun 2011

i was happy to purchase the designs. not only beautiful, but was glad i could help.

by pcteddyb 23 Jun 2011

Thanks for sharing this. I had not yet made my donation, but I have now.

by quiltgrama 23 Jun 2011

I agree with Meg, enough said. Lisa

by airyfairy 23 Jun 2011

I have also DL and paid. Hope they receive enough money for the funeral.

by stitchship 23 Jun 2011

I'm so sorry this has happened. I have not donated to the site, nor downloaded, but I will go and make a donation. I know every little bit counts.

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stitchship by stitchship 23 Jun 2011

I just donated.

by nonna57 23 Jun 2011

I am deeply sorry that this has happened. Shame shame on those( you know who you are) either here at cute or elsewhere. Hope you rectify this quickly so you can sleep tonight .

by raels011 23 Jun 2011

I can understand why you are angry. I did give the donation and even if I never use the designs it is a small price to pay to help a fellow cutie. It costs more than this $3 to do our blocks for the cutie quilts and we all give them freely and with love so why not this.

by mranderson 23 Jun 2011

Gayle, I did read the original post and did not DL the designs. You are one day too early with this post as my Credit card rolls over to the next month tomorrow (24th). At the moment it is stretched to the Max with my husband having eye surgery on Tuesday and the only way to pay was with Credit card. Tomorrow I will visit the site and make my purchase. I too am appalled at the amount of people who DL the design for free. I do collect some free designs but have never asked for one. If there is a design I need I will gladly buy the design. $3 I have paid more for a cup of tea!!!!!!!!!! Marg

by twee 23 Jun 2011

Ditto Little lambs post. I hope my $3. helps. Thanks for posting again. I had wanted to order but didn't just hadn't done it yet. Way to tell them Meganne.

by littlelambs 22 Jun 2011

Thank you for posting this! I had not purchased or downloaded them until I read this. If I never use a design (which I actually have been looking for a carousel (sp?)it is $3! In the grand scheme of things if we can afford to embroidery, surely we can afford a $3 donation to a good cause. Again, thanks for posting this. I also agree completely with meganne!

by meganne 22 Jun 2011

Now you have a very small idea of why I get so damned angry at people always asking for designs, for FREE.

This is just downright disgraceful.

For Heavens sake three dollars is peanuts!!!!

If YOU ( general you, not specific you) were one of the people who downloaded the designs and couldn't find a lousy three dollars to pay for them, then I hope the payback you receive is tenfold.

What goes around, comes around and I hope it comes back to all of you sooner rather than later.

SHAME on any Cutie who didn't pay for the designs to help Connie raise the money for her Mum's funeral.

And if you know someone who took the designs without paying for them, then direct them to this post to receive my tongue lashing because they damn well deserve to be shamed.


mops by mops 23 Jun 2011

Well said Meganne! Especially in a case like this you expect people to be honest, either pay or don't download.

lbrow by lbrow 23 Jun 2011

Hip Hip Hooray for you Meg. I do not understand how people can be so coldhearted, especially people who claim to be crafters. I hope some will read his letter & go back & give. I'm like you $3.00 is peanuts. A coke & a candybar probably./Lillian

bevintex by bevintex 23 Jun 2011

How could anyone enjoy these designs knowing they are for a good cause and they took them for free. 3 dollars is a drop in the bucket but if everyone who can will help it can really add up. Step up and make a contribution.

irenewayne by irenewayne 23 Jun 2011

"way to go" & goodonya Meg. I haven't downloaded or paid but will go back to the site & do so now.

obaachan by obaachan 23 Jun 2011

Agree with most of your comment Meg... However... here in the States $3.00 is not peanuts, you can't even buy peanuts for that.. in most places it is not even enough to buy a gallon of milk or a good loaf of bread to feed your kids.. I am not condoning anyone who would take advantage of Connie's deal, I'm just reminding everyone that we all have it hard...I am fortunate that my hubby has a good job and i was able to donate $3.00 for the designs. I agree that it is NOT right for anyone to DL the designs without donating their $3.00... Just saying that here in the States $3.00 to some families is the difference between cereal with or with out milk...

by gayle950 22 Jun 2011

I did download the designs but I did pay for them first. $3.00 is a very small price for 71 designs. Every little bit helps.

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shilly by shilly 23 Jun 2011

Way to go Cuties! TU for re-posting.