by bowlds 20 Jun 2011

Just for the record, Babylock Company does not recommend prewound bobbins in their machines.

The reason is the bobbin thread is notorious for pulling to the top. The recommended thread to use in the bobbin is Finishing Touch bobbin thread. I can’t recommend a prewound. Sorry.


by anangel 23 Jun 2011

I have used NEBS pre-wound bobbins in my Brother machine from almost the time I purchased it several years ago. The NEBS work great for me!! Most manufacturers recommend supplies that they are somehow connected to dollarwise$$. The ones they recommend are generally way more expensive, too!!!
Just my opinion!

by nanniesara 23 Jun 2011

In my book that came with my Ellageo Plus it states that if you use the cardboard style to remove the top piece of cardboard and use the correct bobbin shuttle and the pin provided with your machine. Just for the record. Haven't tried it yet. Sara

by airyfairy 23 Jun 2011

I am so pleased that this question has come up. A couple of days ago a friend gave me a pre wound bobbin to try. Yesterday I plucked up the courage to use it. It wobbled about a bit in the bobbin holder and I was expecting the worse but it stitched out beautifully. I then tried some fonts which normally I have problems with the bobbin thread coming to the top. Again the pre wound bobbin did a great job. I am now totally sold and trying to track down the best buy as I know that I will not be able to get them in our local shops.

by lindaavolio 23 Jun 2011

Both of my Babylock embroidery machines LOVE prewound bobbin thread...NO problems at all for the past 4 years ....
In fact, Metro Thread has them on sale - 144 size L plastic sided bobbins for $ 19.95 + shipping ... GREAT PRICE (also great prices on thread-which my Babylocks LOVE)

bowlds by bowlds 23 Jun 2011

I guess I'll just have to try them out. I don't use the Finishing touch thread my dealer recommends anyway since is so expensive. Thanks

lindaavolio by lindaavolio 23 Jun 2011

Finishing Touch bobbin thread is expensive ... that why I tried MetroThread and WOW ... you'll love it..

by justonlyme 23 Jun 2011

Every time I bring my machine to the shop for repair (three major repairs since I bought it new 6 months ago), the first question they ask is if I have used prewound bobbins. Apparently they are wound with a different tension than the machines are made for. They are wound for the professional stand machines. I don't use them because, after calculating cost of bobbin thread vs. the prewound bobbins, I found that I could buy almost exactly four times as much thread if I wound them myself. I absolutely love the bobbin thread purchased from ThreadArt through Amazon. It is super fine bobbin thread and is very soft when stitched. And since it is so fine, a spool lasts and lasts. Good luck with your bobbin and thread search.

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bowlds by bowlds 23 Jun 2011

I also bought ThreadArt on Ebay and it worked great. What kind of prewounds did you use when you tried them.

by cj2sew 23 Jun 2011

I have a Babylock Ellageo and I use the prewound bobbins that have a plastic casing. My dealer is the one who told me that she uses them all the time and encouraged me to try them. They are more tightly wound and have more feet than doing them yourself. I have now used them for two years with no problems.

by pinon 22 Jun 2011

I use Nebs in my Ellageo, and have without a problem for three years. I do use the special case and the spacer/pin thing. My dealer actually recommends the Nebs prewounds...

by blueeyedblonde 22 Jun 2011

I think what the others are telling you about the dealers trying to keep you close is right.
The cuties have tried many things as some of them have been doing this for some time and have already done the experimenting for us and give the rest of us good advice.
Good luck.

by peggy 20 Jun 2011

key words are "just for the record" I can't recommend prewound bobbins.

I use Nebs prewound bobbins, also the cardboard sides but like the NEBS better. Finishing touch is way to high and is that product owned by the same company that sells the babylock

by baydreamer 20 Jun 2011

I have not used them for embroidery but for reg sewing, worked great but, the system telling you the bobbin is almost empty, must work on a weighted system since it tells me the bobbin needs to be filled when there is alot of thread still to be used.

by 1allamericangirl 20 Jun 2011

I do not use prewound bobbins but went to a class recently at my Baby Lock dealer. She told us if you use the prewound bobbins to be sure you use your bobbin holder case that has the purple dot in the bottom of it (should be in with your parts that you got with your machine). Very important. She did not say it was not good to use prewound. Sounds like your dealer wants all of your business.

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bowlds by bowlds 20 Jun 2011

Yes, I agree. I have never been real thrilled with my choice of dealers! Thanks. I'm guessing that's why a special bobbin and pin are in my accessory box!

by spendlove Moderator 20 Jun 2011

From my recent experience with my Janome machine, it is not the fact that the bobbins are prewound, but the thickness of the thread. The thin thread I had bought on prewound bobbins pulled up to the top. The Janome brand thread did not.
Take the advice below and beg some samples to try!

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bowlds by bowlds 20 Jun 2011

Were those 2 threads the same weight? 40 or 60???

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by jofrog2000 20 Jun 2011

I had a Babylock Ellageo for 9 years, and now have an Ellegante, in which I am using the NEBS prowounds that I've been using for years. If I had had to just use the Finishing Touch-good though it is-I would have not done so many things. A prewound holds sooooo much more thread so you can just keep on sewing. Dealers used to tell you not to buy digitized designs that weren't on one of their company cards, also. They know they are losing money so try to keep their customers close.
I do use the plastic sided ones. Just got some from Metroemb to try in the Ellegante and the small Disney machine I have.

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bowlds by bowlds 20 Jun 2011

I would not buy that Finishing touch either...way to expensive for me.

by raedonnal 20 Jun 2011

I have a Babylock Ellagante machine and I use prewound bobbins all the time and nothing happens they are fine to go ahead and use them..............
and yes I have also used some bobbins I prewound myslef and that works fine too........
Thanks, RaeDonna

by pcteddyb 20 Jun 2011

I use them all the time in my Brothers - which are twins to BabyLocks. I use the plastic sided ones in my Quattro and PE780D.

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jinik by jinik 01 Sep 2016

Do you use size L? Thanks