by bdrouin 14 Jun 2011

being embroidered onto that item. I have done FSL but it is too fragile for the use. I hope I have explained myself so that you understand what I am wanting.


by mops Moderator 14 Jun 2011

EmbLibrary has a video on making patches. It answers your question precisely. Have a look. You can make them sew-on if you leave out the sticky stuff.

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bdrouin by bdrouin 14 Jun 2011

Thank you, I will check it out.

by castelyn 14 Jun 2011

Hi there, I have done a patch just on plain cotton fabric and just left enough fabric to make a hem to sew it onto items. Or you could do it with a rolled hem around the design. hope this helps. Hugs Yvonne

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bdrouin by bdrouin 14 Jun 2011

Thanks, this is also a good technique.

by fannyfurkin 14 Jun 2011

You can do this using an applique technique and hoop it with washaway stabiliser and sew it on stable fabric like felt. I think it is easer to cut the fabric to the correct shape then stitch the die line on the stabiliser and place the fabric on it and then stitch the rest of the aplique stitch then the design. I hope that makes sense.

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 14 Jun 2011

use some 505 spray adhesive to stick the fabric in place. or whatever EMBROIDERY adhesive you have or can get.

bdrouin by bdrouin 14 Jun 2011

Thank you. This is another good idea I will have to try out.