by simplyrosie 13 Jun 2011

Wouldn't it be super cool if we had a CUTE app for our phones like Facebook?


by lindaavolio 14 Jun 2011

Hehheehe....your always thinking .... Great idea !


by spendlove Moderator 14 Jun 2011

I don't do mobile phones or Facebook - I have quite enough addictions without them!

by deirdre 14 Jun 2011

I already go on cute site with my phone... can even download designs on my phone, then I transfer it to my pc with bluetooth.

by jasanne 14 Jun 2011

Then we would never get anything done! My hubby saw this and said 'NO'.... Guess that says it all, lol.

by gerryb 14 Jun 2011

Well, since our phone is usually on the kitchen cabinet, not with us, I don't even give out the number! When hubby goes off to the store he does carry it in case he has a question about something or I remember something else for him to get!!

by devon 13 Jun 2011

No one would EVER get anything done!!! Hehe

by leenova54 13 Jun 2011

I only use my phone for emergencies and if someone NEEDS to get ahold of me on the rare occasion that I am not home so I only have a Tracfone that does nothing but call and text the hard way.

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sqdancer by sqdancer 14 Jun 2011

Ditto here !!

by mad14kt 13 Jun 2011

Would be FIESTA Terri ;D *2U

by simplyrosie 13 Jun 2011

Especially since I live on my Droid! LOL

littlelambs by littlelambs 14 Jun 2011

So do I! Love my Droid :)

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 14 Jun 2011

My Hubby has an iPhone and I hate it... Droid rocks!

kathyflores by kathyflores 14 Jun 2011

Hi Simplyrosie,
I agree !!! i have the Droid also , and i love it too !!
Oh, i gave you a flower too !!=)

by dilceia 13 Jun 2011

very good!!!!

by shirlener88 13 Jun 2011

Hehehe - YES!