by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Jun 2011

If you are receiving a PM from a brand new member. Please be careful. I received the following from someone that joined today.

“Hi. My name is Miss Gift, I am very interested to know you well, I came across your profile today on,and became so much excited on your profile, Please If you don't mind an…..

At this point it got cut off. I am afraid if they figure out how to post complete that it may lead some to a bad link or whatever that person has in mind. Stay safe Angie


by cathiejones 15 Jun 2011

Thank you.
Her message didn't look right !

by meganne 15 Jun 2011

She has been removed now. :-)

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 15 Jun 2011

Thanks Meganne

by beatie58 14 Jun 2011

Thanks for the warning I haven't been on cute for a couple of days so did not see the original post...thanks again!

by rachap 14 Jun 2011

Thanks for the warning and reminder to be diligent.

by mysugarfootswife 14 Jun 2011

Once they have your address, they can hack into your mail account and have a field day with your address book. Happened to me and to a couple of friends. There are 2 things that I've done and hasn't happened agaiin.
1. changed my password to a really good one.

2. Totally deleted my addresses online. I use Incredimail and all of my addresses are on my personal computer. So even if they can figure out my password, won't do them a bit of good. Only addresses they can get are from the letters in the trash and I empty that several times a day.

by ramona 14 Jun 2011

Thanks for posting.

by jacquipaul 14 Jun 2011

Thank you;

by melnic 14 Jun 2011

One can never be too careful, thanks for the tip off..

by shilly 14 Jun 2011

Thanks for the warning; haven't come across it yet.

by tauberschmitt 14 Jun 2011

vielen dank für die Warnung

by mranderson 14 Jun 2011

I saw this in a post here yesterday. I just steered clear of it because the name Miss Gift was suspicious and they only had 1 flower. Thank goodness it is gone. Marg

by ansalu 14 Jun 2011

The complete text was yesterday here in a post and many cuties made a comment that they think this is a pishing mailadress (a hole mailadress was in the text!). Now the post is gone (had also commented and marked it) and I think that Miss Veronika deleted it cause somebody was clever enough to report it as abuse.
That's why nobody should give his mailadress in his profile. Everybody can send than spam and even bader stuff :o(
Greetings, Bettina

by gerryvb 14 Jun 2011

I received this p.m. too. and just gave the reply: what is it you wanted me to contact you about? but did not get an answer on that. I just thought this is very strange I didn't trust it either. Thanks/ love /hugs for you my friend!

by rmj8939 14 Jun 2011

I got one of those also. I didn't open it in my pc.

by drro 14 Jun 2011


by airyfairy 14 Jun 2011

Thank you for warning. We must all look out for each other.

by lerman 14 Jun 2011

thank you, it is always a balance between openness and carefulness, especially at internet, and we can certainly help each other with that - wish you all a great tuesday / peggy

by greytgirl 14 Jun 2011

Thank you for the warning. You can never be too safe!

by aussiequilter 13 Jun 2011

I receivedc that message too ,I just deleted it
Thanks Angie


by lani02 13 Jun 2011

thank you . We all must be careful about the internet and passing on information. And thanks so much for letting us all know. We Cuties can stick together and watch out for each other.

by sewdeb 13 Jun 2011

Thanks for the warning.

by gramsbear 13 Jun 2011

Thanx for sharing this "Heads Up" with us! Hugs, Judy

by sewmom 13 Jun 2011

Good to know. Thank you. I received that sort of thing a long time ago and deleted it.

by lindalee757 13 Jun 2011

I saw that on the home page this morning,but it didn't stay on long-don't know if Veronika deleted this person or if this person is playing peek-a-boo

by dilceia 13 Jun 2011

Thanks Angie!

by jasanne 13 Jun 2011

I would contact Miss Veronica and let her know.

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 13 Jun 2011

I did.

by smithandsmith 13 Jun 2011

Thank you

by olds 13 Jun 2011

Thank you

by devon 13 Jun 2011

thanks Angie

by noah 13 Jun 2011

thanks angie!!

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melnic by melnic 14 Jun 2011

Thanks a lot!