by faerynutt 09 Jun 2011

This message is for NOAH I found these roosters and chickens and I thought you might like them. Here's the site.;view=article&id=632:dollar-saver-combo&catid=43:dollar-saver-combo&Itemid=62


by noah 09 Jun 2011

thank-you everyone hugs for you all !!carolyn(noah)

by bevintex 09 Jun 2011

Great minds think alike. I also told Carolyn about this same set of roosters.

by shirlener88 09 Jun 2011

here is the link:

by faerynutt 09 Jun 2011

Sorry the link won't take you to the designs, but it will take you to the site, once there click on Dollar Saver Combo on the left it will take you to a set of cute FSL chickens along with several other designs int the combo.