by ullis 08 Jun 2011

At last I found the missing P, after nine attempts. Thanks so much for the help would not have done it myself, thank you again / Ulrika

by suzeqc 08 Jun 2011

i also go and write down the color of the letters i am searching for on my list-sometimes that letter is located near a letter or item in a similar color and it is easier to look for that color only-hope you find it--suze

jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 08 Jun 2011

True, it IS blue

suzeqc by suzeqc 08 Jun 2011

and the 3rd letter to search is usually towards the end of all the alphabet pages so i always start at the bottom to find that one---

by jofrog2000 08 Jun 2011

I had to go over them quite a few times, too. I was almost going to write and ask about it.LOL. I found I can go faster by staying on the main page, right clicking on the new page, and choose Open in new tag. I do all 3 in a row, and then just delete the pages. Before that, I was ready to not try anymore because she has soooo much stuff there. DO write them down, Good luck.

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ullis by ullis 08 Jun 2011

I do all three in a row, and I write them down just like you, but have not been able to find the missing letter P. I may make a further attempt/Ulrika