by jkdavis1996 07 Jun 2011

something to that reference. I'd appreciate any pointers. It does not have to be free. Thank you.


by stitchship 08 Jun 2011

I hope you find the designs. Thanks for asking this question. I am going to check the sites too.

I am wondering... are you looking for the Scripture Verse or all the verses? Have you tried Sewbird? I am enclosing the link. I love her designs.

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by drro 08 Jun 2011

I was just here and they have a set called the armour of God! Good luck!

by jkdavis1996 07 Jun 2011

Thank you sooo much for your help....I knew I could count on my cuties.

by noah 07 Jun 2011

try Joydesigns she has many and there all free!!carolyn

by powagrl 07 Jun 2011

Here is a free design of the scripture.
Here is one for sale.
The last link didn't work. Search for Armor of God and then go to page 6 under Grama Debbie's Recipes at the bottom of the page or go to
and search under recipe files on page 4.

by bizkid 07 Jun 2011

You may want to seek out "religious" designs. They may have the components you need. Try WINDSTAR EMBROIDERY. They have a variety of "religious" designs. She may find a coaster that can be modified.


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stitchship by stitchship 08 Jun 2011

Thank you for sharing this link. I had never heard of it.

by jkdavis1996 07 Jun 2011

And I have forgotten my manners....thank you for your help!!!