by jkdavis1996 04 Jun 2011

I stitched the same PES file with my brother and it is fine. There are some other quirky things that have happened to her and I wondered if anyone knew of some 'hold your nose just right' tricks that go with this machine. I upgraded her software tonight from to It said there were no firmware upgrades for her machine. Is that the best technical help I can offer her? Thank you for any help or advice.


by my3chis 05 Jun 2011

I have a CE-350 and I never had this problem but on the rare occasion that I do have trouble I delete the program from my computer and reinstall it. This has helped me. good luck.

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jkdavis1996 by jkdavis1996 05 Jun 2011

thank you.

by ashta 04 Jun 2011

Has she tried test stitching other designs of the same size to see what happens? I have an older CE-100 that had a similar problem, and it turned out that the belt in the arm had become crimped and torn slightly, causing it to not complete stitching. The belt had to be replaced at the shop.

jkdavis1996 by jkdavis1996 04 Jun 2011

Yes. She is afraid that the PES format is what is giving her trouble...but she has been able to sew other PES formats. There are some other quirky things...but can't say if it is the thread, stabilizer, software, design, etc. We are both so new at embroidery. I know one of her font choices...that creates 'fuller' letters...sews as much embroidery thread under the fabric as above the fabric. But that doesn't happen with everything, so I don't think it is the tension of her threads...I wondered if it was the font design, or if it was a quirk that we needed to tweek somewhere else. I can't remember other things right now...but just thought I'd open a dialog and see if I could help a friend.

jkdavis1996 by jkdavis1996 04 Jun 2011

thank you so much for your quick response. I have never thougth about replacing belts in a machine. Man...this world is so big.