by caroldann 04 Jun 2011

meet up one of you. Gosh we could be taking a class together and not even know there is another "cutie" in the room! Carol


by kttyhwk4 05 Jun 2011

caroldann, I'm not a member of the AEHC but do live in Little Rock. Will beunable to meet up with you this week as its our anniversary and we are planning a little get away. Used to frequent Thayer Mo. a lot and I wish I had known you were so close, we usually go to Batesville a once a month as I buy a lot of fabric from Marshall's there. Hopefully we can get together sometime this summer for a meet and greet. Hope you meet up with a Cutie or two at the convention....have fun.

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caroldann by caroldann 05 Jun 2011

Marshall's? Oh my gosh, I go there too!!!!
That would be sooo cool to meet there!! Wow, to think, I could have seen you there!

by basketkase 04 Jun 2011

Hi Carol.........I am a part-time AR cutie. We have a home in Cherokee Village that we vacation at. Wish I was going with!! Vicki

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caroldann by caroldann 04 Jun 2011

Vicki, let me know when you will be in the Village. My mom has a townhouse there and I'm 15 minutes away, in the Hardy area. Carol