by hefoltis 10 Apr 2008

I am trying to find the Autumn Font to download some that I missed but I cannot find them. What am I doing wrong.


by joaniessw 11 Apr 2008

I see you got your answer already, so I would just like to welcome you to our Cute family and give you a flower.

by iris2006 11 Apr 2008

Hello hefoltis, I see you already have your answer, just want to say welcome to the site, enjoy your visits. *4U

by mops Moderator 11 Apr 2008

You got the answer so I think you don't need a reaction from me. Just wanted to say welcome and add a flower to your bunch.

by marjialexa Moderator 11 Apr 2008

Hi, and welcome to our 'Cute' family here! I hope you found the Autumn alphabet. Just something to think about, if you're missing a bunch of letters. One alphabet would cost $26, purchased individually. For only $4 more you can get ALL the alphabets, designs, redwork, lace and applique, and everything that comes out new for the next 6 months. And you don't have to worry about missing out on freebies, or anything! I'm not a salesperson, just a super satisfied member of the Cute site, and want everybody else to be as happy as I am, hee hee hee. For me, the designs I use, it's the best bargain on the web. Just consider it, ok? thanks, and good luck, Marji

by jrob Moderator 11 Apr 2008

I hope you were able to find the font with the excellant directions you got from clawton. I'm just dropping in to tell you, Welcome! Happy to see you and hope that you will come back often.;)

by clawton 10 Apr 2008

Click on the "Alphabets" at the top in blue. Once on the alpha page there will be a list of all of the alphabets on the left side. Find Autumn and click on it. From there you should be able to get all of the alphabets. However, you have to be a member unless it is the freebie of the day. OR pay for each letter you want. I think jrob said you had to order at least $5 worth.