by reddish 10 Apr 2008

Thank you for all the free designs;so many nice ones -i'm looking for the "treasure bag"design-abt.2003..It had dots & cutting line.Would appreciate the


by dlonnahawkins 11 Apr 2008

I don't know of a design like that. I haven't been embroidering that long, but I am sure someone will come up something for you.

by raels011 11 Apr 2008

This site has only been going since Sept 2006 so not from here but i hope you find it You could try annthegran or embroiderylibrary Welcome and floer for you

by missann 11 Apr 2008

Hi reddish and welcome. You will also have my vote for your desired design. I will be watching for it if you find it here.

by nglover1 11 Apr 2008

Reddish , Welcome to the Cute Family , I will be happy to vote for it for you but I am not sure which one you want. Find out and post and you have my vote. A flower for you.

by joaniessw 11 Apr 2008

Welcome to the Cute family reddish. I am sorry I don't know what design you are talking about, but if you find it, pls let us all know and we will vote for it for you. *4U

by katydid 11 Apr 2008

Welcome Reddish. If you are asking us to vote for a design, just find it and click on it. Then scroll down the comments and say," this is the one I want ". It will be posted.

by marjialexa Moderator 11 Apr 2008

Hi, Diane, I'm sorry no one knew the answer to your question. I'm not sure I've ever seen a treasure bag design from this website, but I have seen people post them in the Projects section. Maybe if you look there and find one, you can ask the person who made it where they got it? Good luck to you, and please continue to post here, usually someone knows something about a question. As busy as this board gets, sometimes questions 'get lost' in the shuffle. A big 'Cute' welcome to you, sweetie!! Marji