by faerynutt 30 May 2011

I decided to upload here along with ptojects as I wanted to put up more than one photo. You can see the stippling better in the close up. I will post the design in Cuties free designs tomorrow.


by drro 30 May 2011

Ooo la la, very pretty!

by faerynutt 30 May 2011

I've now added this Project into the Cuties Free Section. Enjoy!

by leenova54 30 May 2011

Do you stipple free hand or is there a pattern to it? It is very pretty!

by hama 30 May 2011

verry beautiful

by claudenicolas 30 May 2011

Very nice, I like the design of those flowers.What means the word "stippling"?
Hugs Claude

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stitchship by stitchship 30 May 2011

See the little stitched curves that surround the Rose? Like curved lines? Patterns like that are called Stippling... and it is used in Quilting.

But there is also a painting/drawing technique that is also called stippling. It is series of little points or dots that are used to form a shape or to shade.

Youtube video showing stippling in quilting:

This is stippling in painting or drawing...

I also found this one in fast forward and it is interesting

I did not watch the videos, just part of them, but you can see a lot of different videos on Stippling techniques. I hope that helps.

by stork 30 May 2011

Very nice....I just love the colors and the stippling!!!

by mary51 30 May 2011

Excellent work!

by juanitadenney 30 May 2011

Looking forward to seeing it. Juanita

by faerynutt 30 May 2011

Here are a couple of photos to show a little more of the detail. Not the best photos, it's getting late. I will try and post better photos tomorrow.

wishfulthinking by wishfulthinking 30 May 2011

Excellent work. It really is beautiful. If I could do half as good I would be happy.
Clever you!

trovato by trovato 30 May 2011

Can you tell me how you do this lovely work???? Yvonne

sewmom by sewmom 30 May 2011

Very pretty.