by cutiepie 09 Apr 2008

Tommy gets to come home tomorrow!


by pafhen 16 Apr 2008

Cutiepie I know you are very busy with your boys but when you do get time to catch up and read, just know you have our thoughts and prayers for your family. You are truly blessed. Flowers for U

by brendaleas 16 Apr 2008

what great news! give them all(3) kisses from all your cute family. I'd like to see more pictures of them too. take care:) *'s 4 all

by grannyof9 16 Apr 2008

I am just finding my way around this forum, so I didn't see this when it was posted.

Congratulations Tommy!! I pray that Danny will be coming home soon also. God is certainly watching over these little ones!

(Grannyof9 - including 2 sets of twins.)

by diannem 15 Apr 2008

Kiwi Blessings for your beautiful family..Cheers Dianne

by silvina 15 Apr 2008

This is good! So happy for you! All my love for you and your cute babies.

by freida 15 Apr 2008

What a blessing. I am so happy for you! Thank God they are doing so good. Hugs and prayers

by simplyrosie 15 Apr 2008

Cutiepie, I was born at 6 months and I'm 6' tall and healthy as can be... well, sorta! LOL...j/k. GOD has wonderful things planned for you and your babies. So happy to see you have GREAT news! Blessings... xoxo

by justheather 15 Apr 2008

Doin' the happy dance for you!

by sufferingsonje 15 Apr 2008

Such good news to see. Danny is sure to follow soon.
Best wishes.

by meganne 11 Apr 2008

I thought I had seen this post! That's fantastic news! So i guess we won't be seeing you very often for the next few months? :-) Couldn't think of a better reason for you to go AWOL. hugs & roses, Meganne

by dlonnahawkins 11 Apr 2008

How fantastic - so happy for you.

by nini 11 Apr 2008

Good news! I was sure all our thoughts and prayers would succeed! Hugs and flowers for you and Tommy. Hope Danny comes soon too.

by katydid 11 Apr 2008

This is wonderful! Now I pray Danny doesn't get lonely.

by joaniessw 11 Apr 2008

YES!! PTL. That is sew awesome. I am sew happy for you and the family. Thank you for letting us know. Makes for a long haul, doesn't it. Blessings and flowers

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joaniessw by joaniessw 11 Apr 2008

ooops, I was thinking this was the 2nd boy, Danny. Any news yet for him? How is Tommy doing at home now?

by dlmds 11 Apr 2008

Cutiepie, I had missed this. I posted a message wondering where you were. Happy to know all is well. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. God Bless!! H.*.

by marymoore 10 Apr 2008

oh that is so great how much does danny weigh now? he will be home soon also and take it from someone that has twins make sure when one gets up to eat get the other up also i found it a lot easier then waking up every hour feeding a different one need help i will come help u i love babies

by kkcogle 09 Apr 2008

that's super news! make sure you keep the pictures coming, too! they sure are sweet little guys!

by loish 09 Apr 2008

What wonderful news! Thank you for sharing. Lots of virtual grandmas and aunts here are thinking of you and your family all the time. - and a few uncles and grandpas too, I'm sure. Lots of hugs and kisses to all of you. - and of course another flower for your growing bouquet!

by kttyhwk4 09 Apr 2008

Wonderful! You can bet Danny won't be far behind. Will keep your family in our prayers. A flower for you.

by libster2896 09 Apr 2008

now what did we all tell you?? They would both be ok. before you know it, they will be walking, talking, and bringing home their girlfriends. Time flies with little ones, I am so happy for you that so much of it is not spent in hospital waiting for Tommy and Danny to come home. I'm sure it wont be long before Danny is home. Then there's the daipers, in double!!!!! OK, will go now, don't want to take the wind out of your sails with nappy talk. LOL. But it is all part of the adventure. Flowers, hugs and love to you and ALL of your family.

by tmbache 09 Apr 2008

YAHOO!!! finally one gets to come home little Tommy!! I'm sure Danny will be following soon. he don't want to be left behind.Will keep praying for your babies and whole family. God Bless. Warm hugs and Kisses for the little ones and BIG bunch of Red Roses for mom.

by silver 09 Apr 2008


by letvia 09 Apr 2008

What a wonderful news. Congratulations. Flower and XoXo

by jrob Moderator 09 Apr 2008

No wonder you are super excited....can you tell we are too!!!!!!! Yeah! What a little trojan he is! Those two will be in the floor wrestling before you know it! Love and continued prayers for you and your family.;)

by sueffb1 09 Apr 2008

OH that is Wonderful. Hugs to you and all your family. Sue

by clawton 09 Apr 2008

YEAH!!!!!!! How exciting for you. We are so happy for you. Sounds like the boys are doing great and will soon be keeping you busy. I almost posted yesterday to see about you. Glad you read my mind.

by joaniessw 09 Apr 2008

That is such awesome news. I bet you are over joyed. Congratualtions. I will keep them (and big bro of course) in my prayers still. Thank you for keeping us up to date here too :) Flowers for you.

by maryjo 09 Apr 2008

Sooo glad to hear your good news. I am reliving the triplets hurdles with each of your messages. It was Emily who was ready to come home first. She was 3lb. 12 oz. when they came home. The others were just over 4lbs. She is still the feisty one. Tommy will probably end up being the alpha in your family. You take care. You still need your rest. Try not to overtire yourself you're gonna need all the rest you can get. Prayers still coming for continued good news.

by nglover1 09 Apr 2008

Cutiepie , This is such GOOD news Tommy home and Danny will be there soon. Everything is as it should be . A flower for tommy's homecoming bouquet.

by debbierussell 09 Apr 2008

Congratulations gr8 news! from now on you will be run off your feet.Don't forget to get plenty of rest yourself & remember to eat to keep up your strength.You will need it all.**4u Debbie

by poppet 09 Apr 2008

Awww how sweet thats gr8 news Cutiepie I am so happy for you. Looks like all those extra prayers have been doing the trick! * for all

by raels011 09 Apr 2008

What great news. I welcome Tommy home and know that Danny will be there soon ***** 4 U

by shirlener88 09 Apr 2008

Cutiepie, this is wonderful news, Tommy is a champion, to be the first one going home - after all that worry - prayers certainly work - don't they? Hehehe! We are so excited for you and wished that we could also be there to help you with them as they come home, too! Too bad we live so close and can't do that for you. But this Grammy will pretend that she is visiting with Tommy and rock him to sleep, tomorrow, anyway. Hehehe! *4U

by nurselilly 09 Apr 2008

OH cutie that is gr8 news we are all so glad that they are doing so well and tommy comming home well goes to show he is a fighter. Danny will be home soon too let the fun begin. all the best to you and your family :)

by kezza2sew 09 Apr 2008

Cutiepie, this is wonderful news. You have certainly been looking after these little boys beautifully. Warm Christian Love to you and all the family.

by iris2006 09 Apr 2008

Congratulations cutiepie, Hope Danny will come also home within a short time because you will have a very busy time with one baby at hom e and one in the hospital. All the best for you and your family

by mops Moderator 09 Apr 2008

Wonderful news, Cutiepie. No wonder you're over the moon! I hope Danny will be home soon as well, so that you don't have to go up and down to the hospital as well as having Tommy home.

by gerryvb 09 Apr 2008

good news that he's coming home, hope that Danny will be soon too!

by cutiepie 09 Apr 2008

After all the worry about little Tommy, he is the one who is able to come home first. Silly boys. Danny is having a bit of difficulty with his oxygen saturation levels, but should be able to come home soon as well. It is miraculous how soon they are being able to be released: if they were still waiting to be born, they would still only be 35 weeks along! And Tommy has reached 4 lbs 6 oz while Danny is 4 lbs 7 oz. That Tommy sure is a feisty one, huh? Neither of them had to have feeding tubes, despite the predictions that they would be like the majority of boys in the NICU and "wimp out" on eating. Nope, my boys are eating like champions! Their doctor told us that if we were to take in the equivelant of what the boys are eating, we would have to drink 4 liters, every three hours, every day for over a week! It makes me feel sick just thinking about doing that, and yet the boys are just thriving. Can you tell I am super-excited? =D

ruthie by ruthie 09 Apr 2008

Yes, you certainly can - and I don't blame you for being so excited, that is such good news. You look taller today cutiepie - or it just that your feet aren't touching the ground, haha!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 09 Apr 2008

This is just wonderful news. Danny will be home soon, too! We will keep you all in our prayers. *4U

lorettag28 by lorettag28 12 Apr 2008

Great, now maybe, by this time, both are home!

by ruthie 09 Apr 2008

Oh, cutiepie - I'm over the moon for you sweetie. That is such fantastic news. I'd thought Danny would have been the first to come home, obviously Tommy has caught up and overtaken his brother. Love, hugs and heaps of flowers for you beautiful mummy.

by anna25775 09 Apr 2008

oh what wonderful news, I'm so happy for you and him sweetie:) I keep praying that Danny will come home soon too. hugs and flowers for you

by nonna57 09 Apr 2008

So glad. Wont be long before you have both baby cutiepie's home. Lots of hugs for them