by gayle950 22 May 2011

Sorry when I was asking about Helen it should be moyed not moyed 51, got mixed up with email address. Anybody heard from her.


by beatie58 22 May 2011

The last post I remember is 1 week ago, we all run out of time to log on...hope all is ok maybe she is busy. Hope all is ok..I am sure we will hear soon. Hugs Sally

by pennifold 22 May 2011

Hi Gayle,

I haven't seen Helen on here for about 8 days, but I know Meganne and Pauline (Nonna57) know her. I am sure she is just busy with work and family. Love and blessings Chris

by juanitadenney 22 May 2011

Sorry no I don't know her but wanted to wish you good luck getting some answers from other Cuties.