by missqueenbee47 21 May 2011

I have a question about FSL. Can the FSL design be used on fabric - in other words not free standing- as a regular design. Would the stitches be too thick to look good?


by noah 21 May 2011

I am sewing one right now i made fsl edgeing and will show you soon maybe tomorrow night it is a cup with a bird in it in green .I have done this many times as i was not that fond of fsl i am better with it now but i still sew/emb. many on fabric carolyn

noah by noah 21 May 2011

Its on cute now:):)

missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 22 May 2011

thanks for the advice - you all have been a big help!!!

missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 22 May 2011

I just looked at your project you is beautiful - I hope mine will sew out as nice as yours.

by marcellelewis 21 May 2011

I have one lace design from Zundt that would stitch very well on fabric. It isn't so heavy on thread.

I have tried some snowflake designs as FSL and did not even finish them because they were way too dense with stitches even for FSL.

I think some will and some won't. You will just have to stitch out at least a partial test to see what is going to happen as far as density.

Marcelle Lewis

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missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 22 May 2011

thank you for your help - will definately do a test first -

by anangel 21 May 2011

Now, I have never stitched a FSL design, but have
read on a few sites I've visited throughout the past
few years that if one did not want to use it as a FSL on wss, the design could be used as a regular design on fabrics. I downloaded some FSL with the intention of stitching as a regular design, but I would think with the stitch density, I would need to stabilize securely. As much as I do not like to test stitch, I think in this case I would to determine the correct amount of stabilizer!

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missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 21 May 2011

Thank you - I knew there was an answer - this is the best site along with Embroidery Library for good answers.
Thanks to all that tried to help.

by shirlener88 21 May 2011

Most of the FSL design are rather thread intense - they might be rather heavy on material - there are many designs that are called Lace - that you could use - for that same look. It depends on the design - it could be done. Which one are you thinking of?

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missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 21 May 2011

The angels and ball ornaments. I have an older used machine and I would hate to mess it up big time with this. Thank you for all your help.

by patchwork4424 21 May 2011

Thank you for the question as I have also wondered about this.

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missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 21 May 2011

I hesitate to ask sometimes because I don't want to appear dumb but when I do ask - I always receive a good answer. I love looking at the Cuties Projects for this reason - someone invariably will ask "How did you do that?" and I get my answer too.

by spendlove Moderator 21 May 2011

The finished product would be very heavy and stiff due to the extra stitches needed to make the design into fsl. Why do you want to do it? (There are lots of lacey design which are digitised for use on fabric.)

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missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 21 May 2011

I submitted an answer to you but it must have landed in another time zone - so if this is a repeat - overlook the first one.
I saw the angels you all have been doing and thought I would like to do one directly only a tote bag so was trying to get a little heads up before I wrecked by old Esante SE with balled up bobbin thread. Thank again for all your help.