by blhamblen 19 May 2011

Hello to MY Cutie Family...What a Beautiful Day...awaiting the arrival of my NEW grandson CLAY. Mom & Dad just checked into hospital...Hopefully all will go well (and FAST).


by ssampsel 22 May 2011

beautiful baby! congratulations to your family!!

by blhamblen 22 May 2011

THANX for ALL the well wishes...Clay is still in the hospital...has some rapid breathing issues. The NICU has been monitoring him and doing X rays. He LOOKS so healthy!! Still has CHEEKS...can't wait to pinch em!!!

by sukiray 20 May 2011

What a beautiful baby. Love his name. Congratulations and best wishes to you and the family. Rachel

by jofrog2000 20 May 2011

Beautiful! congrats to you all.

by bevgrift 20 May 2011

Wishing the new baby the best.
Congratulations to everyone!
Hugs Bev

by gerryvb 20 May 2011

Congratulations with the birth of Clay Patrick!!Isn't it wonderful to see such a healthy new born. thanks for the pictures.

by mranderson 20 May 2011

Congrats to Mum, Dad & Granny. Your star is really shining tonight. Love Marg

by manami 20 May 2011

Dear Barb, Congratulations to you and your family! I miss you around here, I'm happy to hear from you.
Love and hugs,

by snowbird42 20 May 2011

Wow what a lovely healthy boy i would lovea g/s but have 4 beautiful g/d afraid no chance of a boy it is a special time for you enjoy him....soozie

by tiply 20 May 2011

Beautiful baby

by pennifold 20 May 2011

Congratulations Barb on such a beautiful boy. Love the name of Clay - send him a big hug from down under. Love and blessings Chris

by castelyn 20 May 2011

Barb Congratulations, on the arrival of Clay, what a big boy. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hugs Yvonne

by dilceia 20 May 2011

Congratulation!!!What a lovely gift from God!

by meganne 20 May 2011

Congratulations Grandma. Know how excited and all overwhelmed with love, you must be feeling.
Sending an Angel to watch over Clay and guide his footsteps though the future.
Hugs and much love, Meganne

by adavisx3 19 May 2011

Congratulation. I love the chubby cheeks.

by blhamblen 19 May 2011

Baby Clay Patrick arrived @ 11:28am he was 9 lbs 12 oz 21 inches long He looks JUST like his Big Sister!! sorry I don't know how to rotate the pic.

sewmom by sewmom 19 May 2011

Wow! Those are some squishable cheeks! Congratulations.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 19 May 2011

Look at those cheeks. He is a big baby and so cute.

noah by noah 19 May 2011

What a lovely gift from God .He looks perfect congrats !!!carolyn

manami by manami 20 May 2011

How precious!

gerryvb by gerryvb 20 May 2011

Isn't every newborn a wonderful gift of life!?

lflanders by lflanders 20 May 2011

Wow! He is a big baby!So precious! I do hope Mom and Baby are doing well!

sissibrode by sissibrode 20 May 2011

What a beautiful baby !!! Congratulations to mom and dad !
CLAY PATRICK, Welcome !!!!
Hugs to you Barb

shirlener88 by shirlener88 22 May 2011

Welocme to the CUTE family Clay Patrick!

by ramona 19 May 2011

Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Hoping all has gone well and everyone is doing fine. New life is certainly exciting. Be sure to share a picture of this new precious soul. Lots of flowers for you!

by nonna57 19 May 2011

Helllooooo there stranger, Lovely to see you, Hope all goes well for new arrival. Its been 11hrs so not much more time to wait. . Enjoy Clay and give him a big kiss and hug from all his "Aunties" at cute :)

by sewmom 19 May 2011

This is a very exciting day for you! I wish them all the best for the new Cutie.

by dlonnahawkins 19 May 2011

Hope everything goes fine and that Little Clay will be here soon.

by sissibrode 19 May 2011

Wishing you all goes well Barb ! I'm a little jealous :o) (no grandchild for me for the moment...)
Nice to "ear" you after a so long time !!!
Hugs and love to you

by shirlener88 19 May 2011

Wishing you all fast and great birth of this new grand.

by leenova54 19 May 2011

Another baby, awwww! Hope all goes fine!

by ssampsel 19 May 2011

wishing you guys all the best.