by mysugarfootswife 18 May 2011

I have Embird and love it. But have a friend who did the trial and didn't like it. She's thinking about the sew what thing. I checked the site and it looks ok to me. But would like to hear from some who have it. Ease of operation? Range of operation? Etc.

Thanks in advance.


by moyed 18 May 2011

I agree with jasanne. I have used this program for a couple of years. Got the trial and then bought it as well as iconz. I digitise with digitiserMB (still learning) but find sewwhatpro excellent for editing,resizing, colour change and for removing, or to cut and paste parts of a design. Give it a go you will not be disappointed.

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by jasanne 18 May 2011

I have sew what pro for four or five years now, and for editing, resizing, converting formats, etc it is great. The support from Steve and Judy is great, they have always answered my questions, and helped with solutions. They have a yahoo group for their products, which is really helpful. If your looking for a basic program which is user friendly and I think very reasonably priced, you can't go wrong, my opinion anyway. There is a trial download of Sew What Pro also so your friend could have a try with it.

I purchased Embird Studio last year, only as I want to learn to digitize (not getting very far yet!). I also got the font engine, which I am learning to use, but I am finding the Embird program a lot more difficult to learn to use than I did Sew What Pro, and I often go back to Sew What when I want to do something I know I can easily do there, but can't figure out with Embird.

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mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 18 May 2011

Thanks, I just sent her this link. Heck, I could have saved a bunch of bucks.