by glynnis 17 May 2011

A friends niece, Kayla is 15 and has just been diagnosed with leukemia. She is starting chemo today and is in desperate need of prayer. Even though she was diagnosed a week ago, nobody from any cancer association has been to visit her yet so she is totally in the dark as to what to expect, how the treatment will affect her, etc. Please keep her in your prayers. We serve a mighty God and by His wounds we have been healed 1 Peter 2:24. Thanks so much. God bless


by glynnis 22 May 2011

Hi, just to let you know that Kayla has not been able to start chemo yet because her medical aid has still not approved her treatment. Please keep her in your prayers, and thank you so much for adding her your prayer lists. God bless

by noah 17 May 2011

yes we serve a great God that answers all these prayers for this dear one:):) carolyn

by gramsbear 17 May 2011

Kayla and her family will be in my Prayers, and you too Dear Cutie. God is still in control! Hugs & Prayers, Judy

by 1ladyb 17 May 2011

Prayers for Kayla going out to speed her healing. The young many times come back from this because they are strong and have so much life ahead of them. God be with this family.

by ssampsel 17 May 2011

you are right, our God is a mighty God. maybe she can find a nurse that can help explain things. i have always had faith in nurses because i have seen how they can lighten your burden & give much hope.

by jrob Moderator 17 May 2011

Glynnis, Kayla has been added to my prayer list and I will request prayer from my small group, also. Please keep us informed, so that we may celebrate her healing.

by beckybowman 17 May 2011

I will add Kayla and her family to my prayers. Kayla stay strong and fight the fight girl. We are all praying for you.

by ramona 17 May 2011

Sending up prayers for Kayla and her family.

by mad14kt 17 May 2011

Lord you said in your word that children are the apple of your eye. Lord I asked that clean each cell, tissue, vessel, bone, etc. and make Kayla whole. I come against every distraction spirit that will try to hinder this prayer. I ask that you send PEACE her way and let her know that she is not alone. I dispatch angels to minister to her in her trying times. Lord allow her tears to be turned into JOY. Lord you are to wise to EVERY make a mistake and to just to forget us! Lord I look forward to hearing GOOD things concerning Kayla. In Jesus Name I pray, AMEN!

by sdrise 17 May 2011

You have my prayers for her and the family. I have just been through this with my cousins husband Tom who lost his battle. Hopefully she will win the war. God be with her ! Suzanne

by read180 17 May 2011

My prayers go out to this young lady and her family.
Cindy B.

by jacquipaul 17 May 2011

Thank you Glynnis for notifying us of this need. She will be in my prayers.

by shazells 17 May 2011

you have my thoughts and prayeres for Kayla please keep us updated of her progress hugs shazells

by 02kar Moderator 17 May 2011

I will add mine for Kayla. Keep us posted please.

I wonder if you call the cancer association, if that would speed things up for her.

by bevgrift 17 May 2011

My prayers are for Kayla.
Hugs Bev

by aussiequilter 17 May 2011

So sorry to hear about Kayla Glynnis, be assured of my prayers.


by castelyn 17 May 2011

Glynnis, so sorry to hear about Kayla, I will add her and the family, to my prayer list. Hugs Yvonne

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susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 19 Jul 2011

Walk the healing way with God and His angels will protect you and your family. May God keep His healing Hands upon you, and may His Spirit fill you with healing balm. God be with you. You are in my prayers, along with all your family and friends. Love and kisses, lots of hugs. Susie and Hans.