by missqueenbee47 16 May 2011

Another question about Design by Cuties, if I click on the check mark beside the name of the design, what happens - I have been using this to mark the designs I downloaded.


by beeboomer 17 May 2011

Thank you! I never even noticed this before!

by rmj8939 17 May 2011

I do the same as Ramona also.

by mooie24 17 May 2011

Hi there
I do the same as Ramona click on the flower for those I have donwloaded plus i leave a thank you comment for the digitizer :-)
I check the questions that I may refer back to
Have fun
big hugs from London
Maria xx

by ramona 16 May 2011

I use the flower more for marking which ones I've read and the check mark for those I'd like to refer back to. Whichever way works for you. The flowers also help other Cuties gardens grow.

by shirlener88 16 May 2011

Usually when you check that - you can bring that posting back - by clicking on the TAG - in COMMUNITY - that says Show: all, my questions, my answers, marked - so if you click on MARKED - it will bring all those that you have click on - in DBC - I don't know that it does anything except change color - so you could use it for marking the ones that you have downloaded. Have fun.