by missqueenbee47 15 May 2011

What brings a Designs by Cuties design back to page 1 again when it was first submitted months or years ago?


by sewmom 15 May 2011

Technically it's "Answer this Question" that brings it to the top/first page. A "comment" in some sections or "reply" in DBC is added to an "answer" and brings the answer to the top of that post but not to the top of the page or first page.

by leenova54 15 May 2011

Shirlene is right! Someone finds it and comments on it and there it is for some other newbie who has never seen it before. Rather cool I think.

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mariahail by mariahail 15 May 2011

I agree with U.....

by shirlener88 15 May 2011

When someone comments on it - it will bring it back to the front or top.

missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 15 May 2011

Thank you - I would never have figured that out on my own.

missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 16 May 2011

Does it work the same way for Projects cuties submit?

sewmom by sewmom 16 May 2011

Yes, adding a comment in projects will bring the post to the first page. Commenting on a comment will not move the project to the first page.