by missqueenbee47 14 May 2011

Since I purchased a membership to Cute Embroidery, I have stopped downloading the daily freebies. I am not missing out on designs am I? The freebies are in the subscription designs aren't they?


by mysugarfootswife 14 May 2011

The free ones come from the subscription stock. And we vote of which ones we want every day. That's fun. You can see what the power of one vote can do.

by sewbadly 14 May 2011

I enjoy downloading the pack, when possible.
Nice to have the set all together.
Also, I started from the last page and worked my way forward in downloading the designs. Last page is the oldest... first page is the newest designs.

Have fun and welcome.

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missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 15 May 2011

Are you referring to Designs by Cuties that you started at the last page? Just curious to know how long it took you? Also, thanks for all the warm welcomes.

by clawton 14 May 2011

Yes, they are always there to be had. However, it may be a bit easier to download when offered free (less steps). Welcome!

by sewmom 14 May 2011

Yes, and sometimes it is better to wait because you can download the pack.

by noah 14 May 2011

yes yes yes and welcome!!!carolyn

by cherylgauteng 14 May 2011

Glad to have you with us - Welcome. Start to download now as your subscription will be finished before you know it ! Flowers for all !!!!

by jrob Moderator 14 May 2011

No, you aren't missing the freebies because they are in the design section.
Welcome, I'm glad you are here.;)

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missqueenbee47 by missqueenbee47 14 May 2011

Thank you for the welcome - this is the best site. I have found so much information & friendship! There was a link on a site I had a subscription to and followed it HERE. So glad to meet you all.

by sewdoctor 14 May 2011