by beckybowman 09 May 2011

My son has a broken neck, his back is broken in 2 places and pelvis in 3 places. He had lacerated kidney, liver, and spleen. DIL had 3 broker ribs and lacerated kidney. Collin 4yrs had broken bone in his hand and Caleb 21 months just a few bruises. So thankful for great infant seats. We go tomorrow for their first follow up visit since being released. We appreciate and welcome all prayers for healing.


by devon 10 May 2011

So glad the everyone is going to be okay. I my still sending my prayers to you and your family.

by lflanders 10 May 2011

Our wonderful Lord performs miracles everyday! My thanks goes to Him! May He continue to keep your family in his loving hands and continue to heal their bodies as well as their spirit! This was a horrible wreck with 2 children left virtually unharmed. The injuries to your son were bad and yet he sits there with his family with a half smile on his face. I am sure he must still be in pain but is trying hard! Our Lord has a purpose for keeping them here. Here, I think we have seen a miracle in the happening. May they be blessed all the days of their lives. Their faces tell exactly how they feel. May you son continue to improve daily and all of the pain soon be gone, bones and organs healed and a smile on his face. Prayers are what holds lives together and faith gives us strength to go through each day! I am so happy that all are home and healing and the family is together!

May your son's half smile soon be a blessed and beautiful smile also. Being the direct target for the other auto, I am sure he is still suffering pain and very uncomfortable in that body brace! Let him know that prayers will continue. Many blessings, Linda

by ramona 10 May 2011

I am so happy your family is on the way to a great recovery. It'll take time but you have really been blessed. As you say, they are all still with you. Keep us updated.

by dlonnahawkins 10 May 2011

Becky - nothing is worse than to know of an entire family being involved in such an accident. I wish them a speedy recovery and prayers are with all of you.

by mehhouse 10 May 2011

I'm thankful that you still have your family with you. It has been a very trying time but the worst is over and everything can only go up from here. I wasn't a foruntate and lost my daughter, son-in-law and both my grandchildren in an auto accident 8 1/2 years ago.


by anangel 10 May 2011

I am so glad your son and his family are doing this well after such a terrible accident. The Lord was with them. I will continue to pray for their complete healing, and a return to normalcy soon for their entire family. Bless you all!

by shirlener88 10 May 2011

Becky, thank you for the update - we of coarse will continue to pray for them all. God was with them - or none of them would have come out of this crash. Keep us informed.

by gerryvb 10 May 2011

prayers and strength for all of them. Hope they recover well even if it takes time, thanks the Lord they still have eachother. prayers will continue. Hugs G

by manami 10 May 2011

My thoughts and prayers for a fast recovery. Hugs,Yoriko

by juanitadenney 10 May 2011

So sorry to hear about the terrible accident but so glad and happy for you that they are all still here. Send my prays to all of them for a fast recovery.

by marthie 10 May 2011

I am so sorry to read about this. You must have been in a state. We think of you guys and hope everything goes well. Keep us up to date please

by fannyfurkin 10 May 2011

My prayers are with your family, It is really amazing what people can recover from.

by airyfairy 10 May 2011

What a terrible mess. Thank goodness they are all on the road to recovery. Sending you warm thoughts and love to you and your family. Hugs Sarah.

by bevgrift 10 May 2011

A beautiful family. May God continue to bless them in their recovery.
Hugs Bev

by crafter2243 Moderator 10 May 2011

That must have been an absolutly scary and frightening experience. I pray for continued healing and for them to keep on smiling.

by stitchship 10 May 2011

What horrible accident! I am so glad that you have a good ending to this story. May the Lord continue to heal them.

I agree praise God for the child seats! It seems miraculous that the children were spared from more serious injuries.

by mysew1325 10 May 2011

Oh my goodness... God was with them when this happened.. As you said.. they were broken a little but you still have them all and they will heal just fine ... Such a beautiful family..

by capoodle 09 May 2011

Those smiles are wonderful to see. Thanks for posting an update. Continued prayers on their long journey to healing.

by pldc 09 May 2011

I will pray for your families continued recovery, I can see they are a resilient family, that they can still smile after all of this is a gift in itself!

by mpatterson 09 May 2011

What an awful wreck. God be with you all and fast healing for your son. God bless

by beckybowman 09 May 2011

This is the car, my son was in the passenger seat. They rolled over and landed upside down after the truck hit into his door. His passenger seat, the door was pushed into his seat. They may be broken, but we still have them! Thank God! The boys have on the little jumpers I posted a couple months ago that I made them for Easter. So Thankful they are here to wear them. Thanks again for all the prayers from my cute family, I love you!

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 10 May 2011

Amazing that they can be sitting like this as a family.