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Letter W

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Size (in): 3.23"(w) x 3.11"(h)
Size (mm): 82 x 79
Stitches: 7200
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w autumnfont
madrocki by madrocki 20 Oct 2012

many thanks as always

greytgirl by greytgirl 20 Oct 2012

Thank you for the lovely alphabet!

debcarlson by debcarlson 20 Oct 2012

Thank you!

justonlyme by justonlyme 19 Oct 2012

Thank you!!

kayakquilter by kayakquilter 19 Oct 2012

thank you:)

melinms by melinms 19 Oct 2012

Love this alphabet - stitched DLL for my sister who is Principal at "Oak Grove" . . . now to make it into a pillow or tote. Also purchased some dish towels in fall colors and using a single letter. THANKS.

peardrop by peardrop 19 Oct 2012

thank you~

Simplesewer1 by Simplesewer1 19 Oct 2012

Thank YOU!!

Globee by Globee 19 Oct 2012

Thank you.

chalkdust100 by chalkdust100 19 Oct 2012

Thank you.

sewdenise by sewdenise 19 Oct 2012

Thank you!

joyce05 by joyce05 19 Oct 2012

Thank you very much.

markus by markus 19 Oct 2012


highlandermom by highlandermom 19 Oct 2012

Thank you

barbarafay by barbarafay 19 Oct 2012

Thank you, Wonderful!

isuzu by isuzu 19 Oct 2012

Thank you

lilianehortebise by lilianehortebise 19 Oct 2012

Thank You !!! Liliane Hortebise

klaessle by klaessle 19 Oct 2012

Thank you

gigimaus by gigimaus 19 Oct 2012

Thank you

asahi by asahi 19 Oct 2012


tlp22 by tlp22 19 Oct 2012

thank you..please vote for the A

kieber by kieber 19 Oct 2012

Vielen Dank für den herrlichen Buchstaben

kuttage by kuttage 19 Oct 2012


susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 19 Oct 2012

Well done!! Thank you very much,

sewdeb by sewdeb 19 Oct 2012

Many thanks!

ritageysen by ritageysen 19 Oct 2012

dank u wel

sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 07 Apr 2008

Thank you for this lovely W, the W's are always beautiful but some of the other letters are a bit hard on the shapes to see like T J I V these are tricky letters just noticed that the V could have been misstaken for the U in a flash. Sorry I do appreciate

geri0219 by geri0219 07 Apr 2008

I have seemed to have missed L, Q, & W to this alpha. I check everyday and have never seen them. Sometime letters come up twice. Sure would like to get them for my collection.

minirose by minirose 07 Apr 2008

Thank you!

rodrigues by rodrigues 07 Apr 2008

merci beaucoup

poppet by poppet 07 Apr 2008

thank you I love this font

donnajw by donnajw 07 Apr 2008

Thank you

lynlaing by lynlaing 07 Apr 2008

Thank you

nurselilly by nurselilly 07 Apr 2008

thanx :) the countdown begins 3 2 go :)

guimon by guimon 07 Apr 2008

Thank you for the W

de105 by de105 07 Apr 2008

Thank You again!

annyn by annyn 07 Apr 2008

thank you

juanitadenney by juanitadenney 07 Apr 2008

Thank you for the W and all the others too.

codyestey by codyestey 06 Apr 2008

Thank you again

tmbache by tmbache 06 Apr 2008

Wonderful=thank you as always

mermaid by mermaid 06 Apr 2008

Wonderful W--Thank You!

nonna57 by nonna57 06 Apr 2008

Wow nearly got the Whole set. Many thanks

ruthie by ruthie 06 Apr 2008

WOW, thanks *Cute*.

scorpion43 by scorpion43 06 Apr 2008


zedna by zedna 06 Apr 2008

Love the "W" thanks once again!

wanger by wanger 06 Apr 2008

Vielen Dank für das "W",dies ist mein Letter

sandralochran by sandralochran 06 Apr 2008

Thank you

debbie45 by debbie45 06 Apr 2008

Thank you

sevels by sevels 06 Apr 2008

Thank you-Dave

joce by joce 06 Apr 2008


ryabinka by ryabinka 06 Apr 2008

Great W! Thank you.

lbrow by lbrow 06 Apr 2008

Wow pops right out at u. Gorgeous isn't it! thanks so much!

meemaws6 by meemaws6 06 Apr 2008

Wouldn't you just know that W is just as pretty as all the other letters in this font!

trudie by trudie 06 Apr 2008

So lovely. Thanks alot.

butterflyluvr26 by butterflyluvr26 06 Apr 2008

Wonderful design...thank you!!!

bigrig940 by bigrig940 06 Apr 2008

So elegant looking, thank you !

melaniez7 by melaniez7 06 Apr 2008

Thanks so much!

kira by kira 06 Apr 2008

Thank you very much

a1lotte by a1lotte 06 Apr 2008


gramsbear by gramsbear 06 Apr 2008

WoW, the W is Wonderful and I Thank You for all these Wonderfully Fantastic letters, Thay are so special. Thanks, Gramsbear...

gianleon by gianleon 06 Apr 2008

Thank you for this beatiful letters

bikermomfl by bikermomfl 06 Apr 2008

thanks looks really great

dianes030753 by dianes030753 06 Apr 2008 beautiful

bonita1313 by bonita1313 06 Apr 2008


katydid by katydid 06 Apr 2008


kalif by kalif 06 Apr 2008

thank you.

freida by freida 06 Apr 2008

Thank you!

maeeast by maeeast 06 Apr 2008

W is wonderful. Thanks!

mauri09 by mauri09 06 Apr 2008

très belle lettre merci

tolgamum by tolgamum 06 Apr 2008

Lovely design..many thanks!

sylviasews by sylviasews 06 Apr 2008

Thank you for such a great font!

slovenka by slovenka 06 Apr 2008


littleperson by littleperson 06 Apr 2008

Want to Thank you for the Wonderful letter W.

peardrop by peardrop 06 Apr 2008

Thank You!

sweetbabe07 by sweetbabe07 06 Apr 2008

Thanks again

marygray by marygray 06 Apr 2008

Great!! Thanks

naehfee by naehfee 06 Apr 2008

vielen dank

moniquep by moniquep 06 Apr 2008

Thank you for the beautiful W.

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 06 Apr 2008

What a Wonderful letter W . thank you

gerryvb by gerryvb 06 Apr 2008

wonderful W, thank you!

wilder by wilder 06 Apr 2008

thank you for the w Obviously that is my letter for monograming my towels. You are the best.

iris2006 by iris2006 06 Apr 2008

Thank you for this "W"

dlmds by dlmds 05 Apr 2008

Thank you, love the looks of the "W".

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