by mooie24 03 May 2011



by noah 05 May 2011

Thanks for letting us see up close and the kiddies are sweet!!carolyn

by rmj8939 04 May 2011

Thank you for sharing with us!

by emily16838 04 May 2011

So glad you I was looking for a photo we took several years ago of the Queen at Westminster your photoes

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mooie24 by mooie24 04 May 2011

Oh your very welcome.. nice to see these places naturally rather then speciality photos that have been enhanced :-)
Big hugs from London
Maria xx

by snowbird42 03 May 2011

they are so precious ....soozie

by designgirl 03 May 2011

They are so cute, thanks for sharing.

by sewensue 03 May 2011

Love the pictures they are so cute

by shirlener88 03 May 2011

Alice and Geroge are darling and these photos are really special - thanks so much for sharing them with us.

by mooie24 03 May 2011

With all the news of Our recent royal wedding thought I would share these couple of photos I took Of my younger 2..
Alice aged 5 and George aged 7 a couple of weeks ago
while we were out and about in London
the first outside Buckingham Palace and the 'Balcony'
the second a little further away and the third just down the road at Trafalgar Square.
We are now getting ready for the 2012 which brings for us the Queens Diamond Jubilee followed by the summer olympics
Big hugs from London
Maria xx

shirlener88 by shirlener88 03 May 2011

Great pictures.

mooie24 by mooie24 03 May 2011

They are a pair of Nut cases lol :-)
Thank you Shirlene
Big hugs Maria xx

katydid by katydid 03 May 2011

Great shots!!

kalinelson by kalinelson 04 May 2011

Wonderful picture.....cute kids....thanks so much for sharing your pics.