by gayle950 03 May 2011

Is there a special way to sew fur fabric. I can remember something being said about this but I don't know what it was. Thanks Gayle


by suet 03 May 2011

Emblibrary has a tutorial on embroidery on fur fabric. I have sewn faux fur a well. I used a zig zag stitch to join seams and used the small plastic poker thingy that came with my machine (you know what I mean!)to push the pile away from the seam as I sewed. Have fun Suet x

by pennifold 03 May 2011

Hi Gayle,

If you are just asking on how to sew fur fabric you must always make sure the nap is running the same way.

If it is machine embroidery on fur fabric then that is a different matter. You will need a WSS (water soluble solvy) on the top of the fur so as the stitches won't sink into the fur.

I know when I did my grand-daughter's quilt (Ophelie) all in African animals I sewed on Minky, chenille, velvet etc. and I used the WSS on top of the fabric to stop my stitches falling into the fabric.

I hope someone with more expertise will come along and help you out. Love and blessings Chris

by juanitadenney 03 May 2011

Sorry I can't help you but just wanted to say hi and wish you good luck. I know their will be some Cuties who can help you I'm just sorry I couldn't.