by sboo 25 Apr 2011

just upgraded to Embird 2010 and added Iconizer, do you need to have all files unzipped to see them? And if so is there an easy way to do this. I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.


by anangel 25 Apr 2011

I see you got your answer, but I just wanted to say I love my basic Embird, and especially Iconizer to be able to view my designs in full size and color within the folders, instead of just format icons!
You will, too!

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sboo by sboo 25 Apr 2011

Thanks, have a good day. Shirley

by mooie24 25 Apr 2011

yep file needs to be unziped to view with inconizer :-)
ensure you decide which files to apply iconizer to
in the start menu select options then iconizer settings here you can select which files iconizer will work with :-)
Big hugs from London
Maria xx

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sboo by sboo 25 Apr 2011

Thanks for your help. Have a great day. Shirley

by lbrow 25 Apr 2011

I have Embird & when you Download a zip file Emb. will put it in a Temp. folder till it's unzipped. I unzip my file using winzip & it puts it where I want it in
embird. You will not see the complete zipped file 'till it's unzipped. If you are seeing the file zipped you can right click & in drop down near the bottom you will see extract zipped file to ; click on this & it will unzip and place file where you want it, but if it has a lot of other files such as pes, xxx etc. you will have to delete the one you do not use./Lillian

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sboo by sboo 25 Apr 2011

Thank you. Guess I got work ahead of me.