by tbbender 20 Apr 2011

I am trying to get everything downloaded onto Cd's for backup purposes. What is the purpose of the edr n thumbs files? I can still open the pes file if I remove them from the file


by chenille 20 Apr 2011

I download to Cd's also,glad you asked this. I will add another question for the computer saavy ones...what is a 'bitmap'? I have seen this when I open some files and don't know what it is so I just leave it.....???
Hugs, Nadyne

marcellelewis by marcellelewis 20 Apr 2011

They are graphics files and open with most graphics programs. When they come with your designs they are usually a picture of the stitched design and often have a list of the colors numbers at the side. Very useful in deciding on your colors.

Most embroiders use jpg files instead of bmp because jpg is a lot smaller file, downloads for you faster and takes up a lot less space on your computer.


chenille by chenille 20 Apr 2011

Thanks so much!!

by daisy530 20 Apr 2011

Glad you asked--I deleted all of mine--didn't know what they were, but now I do. If I can't open them, I delete them :)

marcellelewis by marcellelewis 20 Apr 2011

You can open your bmp files by going to the file. 'Right' click on the file, click on 'choose program' and scroll down to 'Microsoft Office Picture Manager'. Before clicking on the program be sure to put a check mark in the block that says something like 'always use this program for this file type'. Then click on the program. In the future anytime you click on a bmp file it will automatically open using Microsoft Picture Manager. Sometimes if you get a lot of updates to your software you might have to do this again.


chenille by chenille 20 Apr 2011

Thanks again! I'm going to save this post so I can refer back.
Hugs, Nadyne

by blueeyedblonde 20 Apr 2011

Thanks for asking this question. I find the answers helpful.

by marcellelewis 20 Apr 2011

For the most part PES format retains the correct colors if the design was saved using 'Brother' colors. If it wasn't saved with Brother colors and uses for instance Madeira some of the colors may not transfer correctly but they will be close. Example: Purple may show as Gray when the design is opened. If you get a jpg of the design or text file of the colors it might be beneficial for you to keep those.

I occasionally get designs that include a lot of .DS files and folders from a Mac computer. It takes a lot of time deleting all that created by the Mac. There are a lot of them when I purchase graphics files.

You are wise to be saving your designs to another source.


by mjdg 20 Apr 2011

I get the thumbs and edr thing a "read me". The design is usually separate. I download the design - save it to a CD and delete the rest. Once in a while I will save a picture if it comes up with the design.

tbbender by tbbender 20 Apr 2011

Thank you, I thought I was going in the right direction.

jasanne by jasanne 20 Apr 2011

'read me' is usually a text file with copyright or designer information in it. Sometimes instructions and colours too.

by meganne 20 Apr 2011

EDR files are the colour file created by, and for, Embird. You don't necessarily need to keep them if you don't have Embird.

Not sure what you mean by thumbs file unless you mean the file that Windows creates every time there are jpg or picture files in a folder. They drive me batty and I am always deleting them as they will often be the only thing left in a folder and they sometimes stop you from deleting that folder, very annoying.. LOL!!!
Hope this helps. hugs n roses, Meganne

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tbbender by tbbender 20 Apr 2011

Thanks as well, I have way too many files on my computer, this could take years!