by coachmenlemon 19 Apr 2011

I have another flower question. I don't post often but I tried to give a flower for a project. The flower turned grey and is still grey. I was signed in when I gave the flower. What did I do wrong


by ramona 20 Apr 2011

And a flower for you!

by hightechgrammy 19 Apr 2011

It's okay. When you give a flower in PROJECTS it turns grey - that's good. When you give a flower in Questions in Community it turns from green to Orange - that's good. You didn't do anything wrong. Thanks for giving flowers. They make everybody happy *

coachmenlemon by coachmenlemon 19 Apr 2011

Why is my flower the only grey one? The rest are orange. To give a flower to you, do I left click on the flower beside the 0?

crafter2243 by crafter2243 20 Apr 2011

Yours is grey in projects to let you know you can not give one to yourselve. Neither can you give more than one flower per post. So once you give a flower it turns grey and you no longer give another. Yes you left click on the flower on the right side of each post. Have fun

shirlener88 by shirlener88 20 Apr 2011

If everyone else's is orange - then turn them grey - by clicking on them - then you will be giving a flower to all the other's that also made a comment.

coachmenlemon by coachmenlemon 20 Apr 2011

Thanks for the answers. I am usually a lurker but I have seen so many projects I like I will give flowers more often now.