by marleymoo 17 Apr 2011



by claudenicolas 17 Apr 2011

Looking in the "Projects"go on my own catalogue of designs is very important for me it gives me a lot of ideas of works to realize, and after i go to my own catalogue of designs, to find the just good one. If I have not, i look on sites on internet.

by lightbag 17 Apr 2011

I like to look at the projects page here and read also about the designs you have all done

by muflotex 17 Apr 2011

Books too, Had a chance to look at some real good art books at a friends house and studied old paintings for embroidery - amazed to find so much inspiration and a new look at colour combos to adapt the designs.

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marleymoo by marleymoo 17 Apr 2011

Good idea Mutoflex! Found some Jacobean Embroidery designs recently and they colours were amazing!

by devon 17 Apr 2011

Sometimes when I see a design I can picture what I want and how to do it. But like others when I see something that other people have done I like to try it to see if I can too.

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marleymoo by marleymoo 17 Apr 2011

ya I love to see if I can do what others are doing to!!

by shirlener88 17 Apr 2011

Mostly from the websites that I get my designs from - to begin with - then from what I see other's do with the designs, too. Some from what the person wants that I am stitching the design out for, as well. I do gain alot of inspiration from the PROJECT section here and all the talented CUTE family.

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marleymoo by marleymoo 17 Apr 2011

Gotta agree that the cutie family are real talented!

by sewfrenzie 17 Apr 2011

I get my inspiration from many of the projects I see posted here on cute embroidery by our many talented cutes. I also get inspiration from other web sites, catalogs and my daughters requests for things they have seen somewhere. I just wish I had all the time to get everything I'd like to do done, lol!

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marleymoo by marleymoo 17 Apr 2011

I wish I had all that time to! MAybe there should be an embroidery retreat!!!

by noah 17 Apr 2011

I keep a file called carolyns going to make and as i make it i delete it.I get my ideas from looking at what others have done,or like my roses i sometimes just go through the old designs!!

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marleymoo by marleymoo 17 Apr 2011

What a good idea! Must start my own "To Do" list!