by faerynutt 16 Apr 2011

I've been meaning to ask about the Angelina, I have a sample set of the sheets ( got a good deal on Ebay) and haven't used it yet. Does anybody use the sheets? And what was the results?


by claudenicolas 17 Apr 2011

I should like to know if it is washable?
Thank you for the links

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faerynutt by faerynutt 17 Apr 2011

Yes, it is washable.

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by eastwitch2 17 Apr 2011

Here is a great website that has Videos to watch on how to use Angelina films and the Angelina Fibres. Scroll down the page to find the Video showing the Beginning Angelina Basics.



by eastwitch2 16 Apr 2011

You can use Angelina sheets in the designs that call for Mylar just use the Angelina sheet instead of Mylar

You can mix pieces of the Angelina Sheets with the Angelina fibers and heat them up to make one sheet.

You could use the Angelina Film in FSLace designs and it would sparkle though the lace.


by basketkase 16 Apr 2011

I prefer the fibers so that I can make my own blend of colored sheets and make them as thick or thin as I like. The little packets really go a long way. I usually mix 3-4 colors when I work with the fibers and it really makes a stunning design piece. I like using mylar designs and inserting the angelina fibers in place of the mylar or else I will take a design and thin out the stitches so the fibers will show through......Vicki

basketkase by basketkase 16 Apr 2011

By the way, it looks really good as angel or fairy wings, bird wings or fish scales and snowflakes just as a few examples...

claudenicolas by claudenicolas 17 Apr 2011

Could you post pictures in projects?

by ramona 16 Apr 2011

I love the Angelina but haven't used it yet. I have seen projects done with the fibers and they've turned out beautiful!

by faerynutt 16 Apr 2011

Also which do you prefer the fiber or the sheets?