by i2amanana 15 Apr 2011

Where do you buy plain white bibs and burb clothes to embroider? All I can find are colored ones or prints? Any suggestions - - - Have a nice day!


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by ramona 15 Apr 2011

I purchased my colored bibs at BabiesRus. I pre-washed them and they came out nice. They shrink some and you have to flatten them out before embroidery. They still turned out nice. The white ones with the colored trim I purchased from Hobby Lobby. Those pre-washed nicely. Layed nice and flat. They were $2.99 each but turned out beautifully. As you can see they are a little larger than the colored ones. The solid white ones I purchased from Joann's with a 50% coupon. Don't remember the price. They shrunk some as well but laid flat and turned out nice. The burper diapers I purchased also from BabiesRus. They were nice and thick and retained their body through a pre-wash. I lined the with flannel. I have also used the colored diapers that Joann's carry but they are not as nice.

by devon 15 Apr 2011

Try hobby lobby.

by jrob Moderator 15 Apr 2011

Very nice bibs.

by mjdg 15 Apr 2011

I bought a pack of 10 terry bibs with different colored trim for $11.99 at Target. You can get them with pastel trim or primary colors.


by sewlikedawn 15 Apr 2011

This is a great question! I would like to know to!

by mariahail 15 Apr 2011

Target or WalmarT...*****

by dailylaundry 15 Apr 2011

I buy them at Toys-are-Us. Sometimes you have to ask where they are as they put them up in different places in the store. Good luck!!*